8+ Best Golf Ticket Templates


Golf is a sport where a ball has to be shot inside a series of holes. The goal is to get the ball into those holes in a few strokes possible. This game first originated in Scotland. It was firstly just a leisure sport, till it evolved in to something that is played in a series of championship games. This article has the goal of teaching you how to make the best golf ticket and will show you some sample templates.

5 Steps to Make the Best Golf Ticket

Step 1: Choose an online template

Online templates are predesigned templates that are equipped with built in texts, graphics, and design for a much easier editing and customizing. These templates’ graphics and designs are layered on scalable vectors which means easier adjusting, resizing, editing, and removing. Some online templates can be downloaded for free and some can be purchased for a price.

Step 2: Write down the details of your golf event

After choosing an online template, take the time to write down the details of your golf event. This would include the name of the event, the host, the venue, date and time of the event, and the seat number the ticket is for. Take note that each ticket is assigned to a specific seat number. Other details that you can include would be the inclusives and privileges that the ticket holds.

Step 3: Incorporate your branding elements

Selling golf tickets would also help people to recognize your business and brand more. Tickets are a smart marketing strategy in order to promote your services and make people remember you more. Logos are visual representations, so if you have one, you better include it in your template along with your sponsors’ logos. Make sure to make your logo bigger compared to the sponsors’ logos.

Step 4: Edit and add some design element to your golf ticket template

The design of your golf ticket template should be relevant to the sport of course. There are hundreds of golf vectors that can be downloaded anytime online. Use royalty-free or stock photos if you must include photographs. Photos of a player in action are mostly preferred when adding pictures. Use a font type that is bold and will make the texts look legible and professional.

Step 5: Print your golf ticket template

After editing and designing your golf ticket template, you can now print it nicely on a 10 to 14 point card stock for a more durable card. Preferably, a glossy paper finish would be more appropriate for golf ticket templates since the shiny coating will help protect the colors of the ticket. You can also incorporate some cut-along lines for the ticket if you want a separate stub.

8+ Golf Ticket Templates

1. Golf Event Ticket Template

golf event ticket1
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • MS Word
  • Publisher
  • Pages

Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


2. Club Golf Tournament Ticket Template

club golf tournament ticket template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop Publisher

Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


Invite people to come over and watch the players play golf and beat each other out with this Golf Event Ticket Template. This template features a very neat and simplistic background, giving more attention to the texts without missing out on the aspects of the design. It’s hassle-free, premium, and fully editable and customizable. Get this template while it’s available.

3. Basic Golf Ticket Template

590 Download

Do you want a print ready template? Spare yourself the hassle and have a template in a few clicks! Go ahead and download this Basic Golf Ticket Template. This template has highly organised layers, with high quality graphics that are fully editable and customizable. So skip the searching and designing process, and own an effective golf ticket template right away.

4. Standard Golf Ticket Template

590-1 Download

Get this highly efficient and accessible template right away. Don’t let this Standard Golf Ticket Template pass you by today! Unlike other templates, this template has a clean design. It also has useful bleeds, guidelines, and safe lines for a more efficient printing. Edit this template freely on any modern editing applications such as IOS supported application called Pages.

5. Classic Golf Ticket Template

590-2 Download

Do you want to have a golf ticket template but you don’t have time to make one? Fret not! Here is our Classic Golf Ticket Template. This template is perfect for busy people since you can easily download and edit this template on any device such as your smart phone and on various editing applications. It’s print ready so just a few clicks and you will have your template.

6. Golf Event Banner and Ticket Template

590x_banner Download

Invite everyone to come and enjoy a game of golf with you! Download and print this Golf Event Banner and Ticket Template for a great deal! This smart template has high quality graphics layered on scalable vectors for a more efficient process of editing and customizing. You are a few clicks away from having this effective and efficient template, click the download button now!

7. MS Word Golf Tournament Ticket Template

charitygolftournamentticket-preview-1 Download

This MS Word Golf Tournament Ticket Template can be freely edited and downloaded on Microsoft Publisher, and Microsoft Word. These two applications are very basic software, so you are guaranteed that you can easily manipulate through the application to edit this into the template of your preference. Feel free to check it out and experience the advantage it brings.

8. Publisher and MS Word Charity Golf Ticket Template

charity-golf-ticket-preview-1 Download

If you need a professional and well-made template, then go ahead and grab this Publisher and MS Word Charity Golf Ticket Template. This template can be downloaded and edited on your Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher application. It has smart objects which are editable and high resolution illustrations to assure you of an excellent template such as this one.

9. Mini Golf and Kids Golf Event Banner and Ticket Template

590x_banner-1 Download

Who says kids can’t play golf? Organize a mini tournament for these cuties and print them this Mini Golf and Kids Golf Event Banner and Ticket. Amazingly, purchasing this template won’t only give you a ticket template, but a banner template too! This bundle is very practical and useful, so stop having second thoughts and click the download button right ahead.

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