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Aside from word of mouth, dining establishments greatly benefit from a sound and well-executed marketing campaign too. So if you are a restaurateur and you want to make sure that all your bases are covered to ensure your business’ success, it is recommended that you also look into the use of restaurant voucher cards as part of your restaurant’s advertising and business plan.

In this article, we will help you with that task by providing information on how you may create voucher cards for any kind of dining establishment that you are running. In addition, multiple examples of downloadable and printable restaurant voucher templates are also included in this article.

Embedded Below are Restaurant Voucher Templates

Starting on the next paragraph, you will begin seeing multiple examples of voucher templates that you can use for your restaurant. These printable templates are usually available either as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator templates. Therefore, you should make sure that you have already installed a compatible graphic design software tool on your computer prior to purchasing the template of your choice. Check out all these sample templates below.

Bar, Restaurant or Winery Drink Voucher Template


Blank Restaurant Voucher Card Template


Beer Restaurant Drink Voucher Card Template


What is a Restaurant Voucher?

A voucher is a document that contains promotional information about a business or organization. As a form of a printed advertising material, it ideally contains attractive visual designs combined with a compelling ad copy. When done well, a voucher card can single-handedly entice more customers without necessarily reducing your service or product costs.

When a voucher card contains promotional information about any kind of dining establishment, it is called a restaurant voucher. These kinds of vouchers function just like regular business voucher cards. They also typically follow the same double-sided printing format and print size.

When dining establishments create and use vouchers or gift cards, it is important to monitor or track the number of vouchers created and released to customers. This allows business owners to carefully calculate a profit and loss statement and make sure that they do not lose a lot of money by giving away too many discounts to customers and diners.

In the modern world, restaurant vouchers may be quickly and efficiently created using pre-made digital restaurant templates. Just like there are pre-made templates for restaurant menu cards, there also are templates for creating vouchers. That is why if you want to make sure that all your restaurant templates follow the same theme or design motif, it is best to choose a restaurant template bundle or set. These template packs will already include all the restaurant stationery and advertising templates that you would most likely need.

Make sure to check out the rest of this article so that you can see all the different voucher card design examples that you may use for your own cafe, bistro, or gourmet restaurant.

Burger Restaurant Gift Voucher Template


Elegant Restaurant Promotion Voucher Template


Clean Restaurant Voucher Template


Creative Restaurant Voucher Template


How to Choose a Restaurant Voucher Template

As we have mentioned earlier, restaurant templates are digital template files that will already include all the formatting and graphic design elements that anyone will typically need in order to create a restaurant voucher. This also means that you can choose from any kind of restaurant voucher template design that you like from any graphic design template marketplace.

But that is where a problem often arises. When presented with choices, humans can easily get overwhelmed causing them to either put off making a decision or just make a wrong decision altogether. That is why, to help you in your voucher template selection process, we have prepared a somewhat comprehensive list of the most important factors that you should look into prior to choosing a voucher template for your dining establishment.

Read each factor and find out how you can apply them on your own decision-making process to make it easier and less painful. 🙂

1. Restaurant’s Advertising Budget

One of the first things that restaurateurs should consider when picking out a restaurant voucher template is their own advertising budget. This may not be a problem for big restaurant chains but for small and medium enterprises, it certainly will affect how much you can spend on your restaurant vouchers.

That is why it is important to factor in the amount of money you can spend on your restaurant vouchers. If your restaurant marketing funds are limited, you may opt to choose a voucher template that has a more cost-efficient printing format. Alternatively, you may also opt to print out fewer voucher cards instead.

By knowing and factoring in your advertising budget before purchasing a restaurant voucher template, you will free yourself from all the unnecessary stress associated with making ends meet. And since the budgeting aspect has already been taken cared of, you may now focus on other aspects associated with the creation of your restaurant voucher cards.

For more tips on how to create a budget plan, check out the linked article.

2. Voucher Template Customizability

The next element to consider when choosing a restaurant voucher template is the template’s customization’s options. It is important to choose a template has built-in customization. This way, you are free to make any design and formatting changes to the template.

To illustrate, if you want to transform a pre-made voucher template into something that will truly match your restaurant’s branding image, you need a customizable template that you can freely edit. A fully customizable voucher template will allow you to make logo design, typography, and even color palette changes all you want.

A tip: Choose voucher templates created using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign if you want to make transform a basic voucher template into something truly original.

Geometric Design Restaurant Voucher Template


Printable Restaurant Anniversary Voucher Template


BUY NOW - $10

Minimalist Restaurant Clean Voucher Template


Modern Restaurant Voucher Template


3. Personal Editing or Graphic Design Ability

An important factor to consider when choosing what kind of voucher template to use if your own graphic design ability. You need to find out and assess your own editing skills beforehand so that you can better decide on what specific kind of voucher template to use.

For example, if you only know how to use Adobe Photoshop, then you should only choose a voucher template that is available as a Photoshop template file. On the other hand, if you do not know how to edit pre-made templates at all, you will have more time looking for a template editor and ask him/her preferred graphic design template format.

As with all the other template selection factors that we have listed above, it is important to find out all these things before you actually purchase a template so that you can save time and effort in creating your restaurant vouchers. You may also like sample vouchers.

4. Restaurant Theme and/or Type

The next factor to consider before you finalize the kind of voucher template design you want to purchase for your restaurant is, of course, type and theme of your restaurant. Just like how crucial is choosing a theme or motif for your wedding, restaurateurs should also make sure that the design theme for the restaurant vouchers matches (or at least complements) their restaurant’s image or theme. You may also like voucher sample templates.

To illustrate, if you are operating a casual dining family restaurant, it would be best to have restaurant vouchers that showcase festive and friendly graphic design elements that will entice a wide variety of customers. When done well, having restaurant voucher designs that match your restaurant identity or image will help elevate the overall recognizability of your restaurant.

5. Marketing Timeline

The last factor to consider when picking out a restaurant voucher template is your business’ marketing timeline. This means that you need to look into the schedule for when you need to launch or implement all your restaurant new adverts.

For example, if your marketing team creates a new marketing campaign in time for the holidays, you need to make sure that your restaurant voucher templates (and all other restaurant advertising templates) are ready well before your targeted launch date. By knowing your marketing timeline, you can better plan out and schedule when you need to complete the editing, printing, and distribution of your voucher cards. If you have months before you need to complete the creation of these templates, you may still have time to learn how to edit and customize your own voucher card templates. And if you are strapped for time, you can readily choose a printable template that will require little to no editing at all.

So those are the top factors that any restaurateur or business manager needs to consider when choosing what kind of voucher template to use. Read each of them carefully so that you will make a better and more informed business decision later on. You can also read payment voucher templates.

Seafood Restaurant Voucher Template


Simple Restaurant Voucher Template


Stylish Restaurant Gift Voucher Template


Vegetarian Restaurant Gift Voucher Template


Amp Up Your Game Using These Restaurant Vouchers!

The use of restaurant coupon and voucher templates will add another layer to your business’ marketing tools. When used and executed well, they can only translate to more earnings for both you and your employees. That is why it pays to read and internalize all the tips that we have shared in this article and apply them to your daily restaurant business operations.

For more tips and printable template examples that you can use for your own dining establishment, feel free to browse through the rest of our website. Also, do not forget to bookmark and/or share this useful article on your own social media profile pages. That way, your friends, colleagues, and followers can also greatly benefit from it.

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