15 Amazing Discount Voucher Designs & Templates

Discount vouchers are very popular promotional materials used by companies to increase their number of customers and their sales. These types of vouchers are heavily utilized by different kinds of businesses across different industries. Retail stores are the ones which mostly use discount voucher template, but vouchers are not only limited to these businesses. Vouchers can be used by any business establishment at any time and any date.

The effectiveness of discount vouchers is what makes them very popular. Most of the time, vouchers translate to sales and profitability for the company. Even if the product is already discounted and the company will not earn as much compared to when the items were still listed at their original prices, the company will still make a sale and people will still flock to the store and make use of their discount vouchers. You may also see Coupon Voucher Templates.


If you operate your own business plan and you plan to give out some vouchers to your loyal customers, here are some discount vouchers you can purchase at very affordable prices. You may also see Gift Coupon Templates.

Shopping Discount Coupon Template


Valentine Discount Voucher Template


Lunch Discount Coupon Template


Shopping Voucher Gift Template


Unique Gift Voucher Template


Restaurant Food Gift Voucher Template


Business Voucher Template


Modern Gift Voucher Template


Modern Food Voucher Template


Gift Voucher Template


Devil Red Gift Voucher


Multi-colored Gift Voucher


Gift Voucher Template


Set of Gift Voucher Templates


Vintage Voucher Card


Tips for creating or editing discount voucher designs

Discount vouchers, similar to other graphic designs, need a level of detail to be effective. You have the option to create your own discount vouchers or purchase from online graphic design shops, but it is highly recommended that you purchase from online shops and do the editing yourself. Here are some tips to use if you are creating or editing your own discount voucher. You may also see Coupon Design Templates

Get creative

Creativity is the key when it comes to designing discount Voucher Template. The more creative your designs are, the more people can appreciate your designs. The level of creativity does not have to be over the top, but if some effort is spend in making the designs, then it can spell dividends for you and your company. You may also see Ticket Voucher Templates.

Utilize different colors, use photos, and incorporate Photoshop effects. The options you have when creating discount vouchers are infinite, so there is no excuse for you to make a bland design. When it comes to discount vouchers, they are rather quite small in size, but you can still get creative when making them. Just make sure the designs do not look overstuffed and the voucher’s value can be clearly seen by the customer. You may also see Business Coupon Templates.

Mix and match colors

Adding colors to your discount vouchers make them more visually appealing. Colors just make every design a beauty to look at. One suggestion is to use the colors from your business decorations and interior designs in your discount vouchers. If your business uses red and yellow color combinations, then apply the same colors to your discount vouchers. You may also see Food Voucher Templates

Try to avoid the black and white color combination as they sometimes exude blandness, which might cause concerns for your customers. But, if you are really going for the black and white combination, add an extra splash of color to complement the neutral black and white hues. You may also see Business Voucher Template.

Utilize product images and photos

Do not rely on text in your discount vouchers templates. Although the text is important as you will be presenting the voucher’s value to your customers, do not forget to also incorporate a few more designs in your voucher templates, specifically by using product images and photos. Since you are offering discounts for your products, you might as well inform your customers about the products they can avail of by showing them the items. You may also see Coupon Template.

One tip you should follow when using product images or photos is to use high-quality images. Blurred and pixelated pictures are very unprofessional and your competitors will use this issue against your business, so be extra careful. Photography template is your friend when it comes to graphic design, so take advantage of it and use it in your discount vouchers. Just make sure the photos are not too dark or too bright and the cool background images do not disrupt the image of the actual product you are taking a photo of. You may also like Shopping Voucher Templates.

Purchase templates which are easily customizable

If you decide to purchase an online template, purchase from online graphic design shops such as Best Templates, Creative Market, Theme Forest, Graphic River, Etsy, Zazzle, Stock Layouts, and Template Monster since these contain the most extensive collections of templates you can use for any event template. Purchasing online templates makes the work easier for you as you will only be editing the templates, but make sure the templates you purchase can be easily customized and are fully editable. There are some templates which do not allow full customization and can be a pain, especially if you spent a large amount of money for that template. Make sure the template you purchase can be edited so you can customize the colors, the text, the borders, the images, and most especially, the template size.You may also like You may also like Voucher Templates.

Create alternate designs

Have you ever seen companies advertising the same products with two or more designs? If yes, then it is a marketing strategy used by companies to increase the visibility of their products. Use this for your discount vouchers and have two or more alternate designs to maximize the visibility of your products. You have the creativity the choose your own designs, but it is suggested that you have two different options for your designs (one design for the original voucher and one alternate design for the other voucher). Printing out different voucher designs will excite your customers, especially if you let them choose which designs they want, as long as they have the same discount value.

Check out the other articles on our website to learn more about graphic design and to view more featured collections of vouchers, business cards, menu templates, and more. Have fun to search for the best discount voucher design template!

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