7+ Dinner Voucher Templates

A dinner voucher is a small piece of paper where printed information about the equivalent monetary value of the document is placed. It entitles the holder either to a food discount or a complete payment of the food items that he or she wants to purchase depending on what is stated in the dinner voucher.

We can give you samples of dinner voucher templates if you want to see the complete list of items that you can actually find in a dinner voucher. Other than that, we also have downloadable samples of Gift Voucher Templates which you may use as additional references.

Dinner Gift Voucher Template



Birthday Dinner Voucher Template



Restaurant Dinner Voucher Template



Romantic Dinner Voucher Template



Inclusions of a Dinner Voucher

If a dinner voucher is used as a discount coupon, here are the items that you can commonly see in it:

  • The name of the restaurant and the branches of the restaurant that accepts the use of the dinner voucher
  • The contact information that you may reach to assure the validity of the dinner voucher and other information that you want to know about the use of the dinner voucher
  • The amount of discount that you can get from the usage of the dinner voucher
  • In some cases, dinner vouchers may only be used for particular packages or specific food menu selections, which you may also see in the document
  • The expiration date of the dinner voucher

Moreover, if a dinner voucher has a particular stored monetary value, here are a few things that you can see in it:

  • The amount that the dinner voucher is equivalent with
  • The specific times of the day or days of the week that a voucher may be used
  • Other guidelines and terms that you need to follow if you already want to use the dinner voucher
  • The rules regarding the use of the vouchers in conjunction with other promotional activities of the restaurant

With these items present, you truly need to know first all the things that are included in a voucher so you can be aware of its usage and how you can benefit from it. Other than our dinner vouchers, you may also want to download our samples of Meal Voucher Templates.

Free Dinner Voucher Template



Dinner and Drink Voucher Template



Printable Dinner Voucher Template



Valentine’s Dinner Voucher Template



The Dinner Voucher Design

The design of the dinner voucher may be based on the following:

  • It can follow the design materials that are being used in the common documents of the company where the voucher is from.
  • If the voucher is released for the promotion of a particular event or celebration, you may put the design items and other icons that are related to the event.
  • Dinner vouchers may also be a used as a gift. These vouchers require more efforts to be designed as it should look like a gift more than a normal voucher.
  • The dinner voucher may also include photos of the food that the consumer may buy from the restaurant where the voucher can be used.
  • The photo  of the restaurant may also be included in the design of the dinner voucher.

It all depends on the company who made the voucher to decide on the design in which they think can provide the best visual impact in the voucher that they will sell to their clients. Moreover, dinner vouchers can also be used as promotional and marketing materials where they can be given out for free during company events and different programs where the restaurant may be a participating sponsor.

Aside from our dinner voucher templates, you may also browse through our downloadable Free Voucher Template samples.

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