9+ Vintage Voucher Templates

Vouchers are small printed cards or papers issued by banks or retailers that entitles the holder to a discount on their goods or services. Commonly known as coupons or gift cards, vouchers can stand as an alternative method of paying for products from a particular brand.

If you’re a creative entrepreneur looking for ways to attract potential customers, try creating themed and special-edition vouchers. They can make for great presents as well. One of the most attractive and effective themes is vintage, and we’ve got them right here on this list of vintage Blank Voucher Templates. With a handful of vintage designs, our voucher templates are ready to be downloaded for editing and printing.

Vintage Gift Voucher Template



Vintage Discount Voucher Template



Vintage Pub Voucher Template



Vintage Restaurant Voucher Template



Vintage Shopping Voucher Template



Vouchers as the Perfect Gift

Vouchers are more commonly known as gift cards, and with good reason. They are the perfect gift ideas when you’re having trouble picking out the right present for someone. Moreover, some of our friends are so picky when it comes to presents, we might as well let them choose what they really want.

Because it’s an alternative method for paying, you can’t cash them out, but a great thing about some gift cards is that their value can be increased when loaded with cash for future use. The recipient of your gift card will surely be eternally grateful for quite a while.

With vintage-themed gift cards, the person who will receive it as a present from you will feel all the more special because of its uniqueness and creativity. You get plus points for effort!

Vintage Voucher Design Templates

Our list of vintage designs are varied and can cater to different types of vouchers:

  • Our Gift Voucher Templates are ready to be customized and personalized for the receiver of your gift card.
  • Voucher templates for shopping come in a series of vintage patterns to suit the tastes of different shoppers.
  • Vintage pub voucher templates are available for the pub owners looking for a quirky way to enhance image of their business.
  • Travel vouchers with vintage designs make the prospect of leaving home for unknown destinations even more exciting and nostalgic.

Whether you are an entrepreneur dipping your toes in vintage voucher template designing or the holder of one of these vintage-themed gift cards, you’re bound to experience all shades of dreamy and wistful with these designs.

Personalized Vintage Voucher Template



Vintage Sale Voucher Template



Vintage Travel Voucher Template



Vintage Food Voucher Template



Vintage Drink Voucher Template



How Vintage Vouchers Can Be Good for Business

Vouchers are an effective way of attracting customers, especially potential clients. In fact, giving out discounts, promos, and limited-edition vouchers can serve as another form of advertising for your business.

Setting a theme for your vouchers adds to the aesthetic appeal of your store or cafe. Vintage-themed vouchers are especially effective on certain businesses whose aesthetics and ambiance are closely related to the old-fashioned and traditional. Cafés, restaurants, pubs, and vintage thrift shops are some of the best examples who can use vintage-themed vouchers to their advantage.

Being dedicated in making the most out of our entrepreneurial endeavors is the key in making your business a success. Don’t be afraid to get creative and stand out with our vintage voucher template designs. They are easy to work with and completely unique.

You can also check out our Business Voucher Templates if you’re surfing for more options.

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