Sending a complaint letter to a business is a good way to resolve a problem before seeking help from a consumer protection agency. It also makes the complaint official. Download one of our premium letter templates to craft an effective complaint letter to a business or agency regarding a problem with a product or service. These files are ready-made and free to download. They are professionally designed and high-quality. Easy to use and print-ready, perfect for commercial as well as personal printing. Easily editable and fully customizable in all versions of Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and Google Docs. Save the downloaded file on your PC or mobile device.

How to Write an Effective Complaint Letter?

When trying to resolve a problem with a company, colleague, or other professional contacts, it is important to try to settle the issue before seeking help from third-party protection agencies. Complaints can be done by speaking directly with the opposing party face-to-face. However, if this proved futile or impossible, writing a formal complaint letter can be another course of action.

1. Writing a complaint letter, however, can be tricky. While it should address the complaint clearly, the line between professional and accusatory is thin. This is why there are some parameters that have to be considered when writing this kind of letter.

2. In doing so, you should be able to describe your problem briefly, then indicate the outcome that you desire or a possible solution to the issue at hand. Include important information such as key dates, including dates of purchase or goods or delivery of service if applicable. You can take some suggestions from some sample letters.

3. Also, remember to identify the actions you have taken unto yourself to fix the problem and the consequences that may occur if such an issue cannot be resolved or addressed accordingly. Be reasonable in setting a waiting period for the addressee’s response before calling on the assistance of the court or of protection agencies as applicable. If your requests and responses remain reasonable, there is a greater likelihood that the person or company will make every effort to help resolve the issue.

4. Finally, attach copies of supporting or relevant documentation such as receipts or invoices that will serve as evidence and just cause for your complaint, and don’t forget to attach your contact information so that the person or company you are addressing your problem to can reach you regarding the matter.

5. Remember that writing an angry, sarcastic, threatening, or accusing letter will not get you anywhere near a solution than writing from a factual and objective point of view. Those who take the time to craft a complaint letter will show the company that they are serious about their desire to resolve a problem, rather than just complaining about a bad product or service. Giving the offending party a chance to rectify their mistake or the situation as a whole may help resolve the problem far better than complaining to others.

Complaint letters can be used as an opportunity to tell a company regarding the problems with their products and services. However, it is still up to the discretion of the company to act on them, as not all would be open to settling customer disputes. In this case, when push comes to shove, complaint letters may also be as a basis for possible legal actions in the future, so keep copies of the letters, as well as photos or documents that serve as proof if you desire to pursue court action.

These complaint letter templates will help you get started on addressing your own grievances to individuals or companies, so select those that best fit your situation, and download now.

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