How to Make a Printable Book Cover in Apple Pages?

Books are a source of knowledge, but they are also products needed to sell through marketing strategy. To sell the bible, English books or for Halloween, they need an appealing, purposeful, and eye-catching book cover. It would make the book stand out and would catch the buyers' attention. But the book cover design is known to be a problem for authors and publishers. Therefore, they make a book cover meticulously and thoroughly. You also need a user-friendly yet effective software program, and Apple Pages would be suitable for it. It is accessible to any Mac devices available to you. Rather than paying for a book cover creator, here are tips that you can follow in making your printable book cover.

1. Prepare Essential Information

Before proceeding to the design work, you should ask questions to get essential pieces of information. Indicate who is the author, the author's background, the author's brand, and the eligibility of the author. Also, consider the books' genre because photo book cover design would vary based on the genre (fiction, romance, thriller, horror, fantasy, etc.).

2. Know your Customers

It would be a vital move to know about your target customers on how to make a modern book cover. For instance, your target customer is a school. In that case, the book cover design must be educational and purposeful.

3. Envision your Book Cover

Most authors have a specific design that they imagine because they know the content very well. Set some design direction as your guide. So instead of copying from other book covers, you can make yours originally. You can also visit a nearby bookstore and navigate through the book covers' texture, sizes, and shapes. Make notes and make use of them to design your business book cover.

4. Focus on the Graphics

The essential part of your creative book cover is the graphics. A book cover has a large amount of graphics which includes the logo of the publishing company and barcodes for marketing purposes. Think thoroughly as to what font perfectly suits the author's wild imagination. You can add an antique, black and white or abstract touch to it. Also, decide the format of the book, whether it will be a hardback, casebound, or paperback. Also, books come in a wide variety of sizes (large or miniature) so choose what is best for your book.

5. Mind about the Budget

You must set a budget for your book. Consider the crucial aspects of your editable book covers such as barcode, font licenses, stock images, and other costs.

6. Print and Ask for Feedbacks

After executing the steps, you can make a pretest for your book cover. Print a sufficient copy of it, distribute it to people, and gather feedback. Take their suggestions as your framework to edit your book cover if ever lapses are seen. Afterward, proceed with finalization, print your book covers, attach it to your books, and start publishing it!

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