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What Is An Achievement Certificate?

An achievement certificate (also called certificate of achievement) is a special document given to a recipient recognizing or certifying that they have achieved something significant within an event, organization, or institution. The most common type of achievement certificate is those given by a school to students for their academic achievements and those given by a company to an exemplary employee.

How To Create An Achievement Certificate In Microsoft Word?

If you are teaching in an educational institution or a team leader in a multi-million company, you should understand the principle of boosting students' or employees' morale that inspires them to continue their positive performance. One of the best ways for you to do that is by giving them an achievement certificate as an award certificate. For that reason, we have gathered a few tips to help you create the perfect achievement certificate.

1. Use Microsoft Word

You have the freedom to choose any software for the creation of your achievement certificate, as long as you find it convenient. However, you should consider using Microsoft Word. Why should you? Even though Microsoft Word is widely known as a word processor, it can also function as a software for creating and editing certificates. It's a good alternative from sophisticated editing software that's quite costly to download and install. Plus its user-friendliness allows you to have complete creative freedom.

2. Embed Your Institution/Company Logo

An achievement certificate is not an official document from your institution/company without its logo. With that fact, it should be found in your achievement certificate. You must place it at the top of the certificate, preferably at the top-center.

3. Choose An Appropriate Title

Choosing an appropriate title for an achievement certificate is actually quick and easy, yet it's an essential step. The title of your achievement certificate must correspond to what kind of formal compliment it's representing. For example, if your achievement certificate is a recognition of a student's completion in coursework, you may title it as "Completion Certificate"

4. Enhance The Recipient's Name

Imagine an achievement certificate as a piece of music and the recipient's name as the chorus. From a literal perspective, the recipient's name is the achievement certificate's center of attraction. So what you should do to make it the center of attraction is to enhance its text by setting stylish font styles and enlarging its font size. If you use Microsoft Word, you'll have a hundred choices of stylish font styles.

5. Use Achievement Certificate Templates

An essential step when creating a perfect certificate is applying eye-pleasing designs to it. Since doing that from scratch is quite difficult, it's advisable to use downloadable and printable achievement certificate templates from any of our presented achievement certificate templates. These templates already have elegant pre-made designs, which means you only have to inject your specifications.

6. Encase In An Envelope Or Frame

After opting for personal or commercial printing methods, protect the achievement certificate from damage by encasing it inside an envelope or frame. If you opt to encase it in an envelope, beautifully-designed envelope templates are also available here at PRO.

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