A Birth certificate is one of the most important documents any person can have as it provides the first legal recognition of the child. It is generally a requirement for enrollment in most institutions, whether private or public. It can also act as an official identification to obtain passports and licenses. Download from our wide range of free premium Birth Certificate Templates. These templates are ready-made, printable, and professionally designed for your convenience. Our models are fully customizable with high-quality layout, artwork, and images. Easily Editable in all versions of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign & IDML, MS Word, Excel, Publisher, Apple Pages (MAC) & Google Docs. Hurry and avail of this fantastic deal now! 

What Is a Birth Certificate?

In the Bill of Rights, each individual has the right to get a name, identity, and acquire a nationality. All these, as well as the individual’s birthday, are stated in the Birth Certificate, which becomes the first legal recognition of a child’s identity as mandated by law. The birth certificate is a vital record that certifies the circumstances of a child’s birth, and it serves as a representation of such delivery.

Birth certificate are needed as a requirement for when a person needs registration. As early as kindergarten, the sample certificate is necessary for registering in schools to serve as proof of identity and age of a child. Later on, it will also be essential to use for obtaining a driver’s license, youth sports, social security, travel requirements such as a passport, and in some countries or states, for obtaining a marriage license, among others. In most cases, however, birth certificates will need to be government-authorized certified copies.

In every three births, two are not registered in Asia. This is alarming since children who do not have birth certificates are the least prioritized when seeking treatment.

How to Create a Non-Official Birth Certificate?

Certificates are cost-effective and very easy to make. Unlike an honorary or a training certificate, they contain more sensitive information that certifies the identity of a person. This includes the specific time of birth, place of birth, and the complete names of the parents. For this reason, Birth Certificates are especially sensitive documents that you have to be careful about.

Since the government only issues certified birth certificates, we will give you tips below on how to create a non-official birth certificate.

1. Download Our Templates

There are various birth certificate forms online that are downloadable. Choose one that you find easy to work around with. Good for you because we offer Birth Certificate Templates that will cater to your modern certificate needs. Our templates are editable to fit your preferences.

2. Fill in the Necessary Details

Once you have downloaded our model, all you need to do is fill in the necessary details of the printable certificate for you to get going. Vital information such as the name of the child, gender, of the baby, location of birth, time and date of delivery, and names of the parents.

4. Observe Proper Usage of Fonts

Birth certificates strengthen your identity. Strive to keep your simple certificate as legible as possible. You may incorporate a stylish font or two as long as they are still comprehensible. Most birth certificates make use of fonts such as Times New Roman.

5. Include Colors If You Have To

To add some color to your creative certificate, you may add a minimum of 2 colors. Make sure you don't use colors that are contradictory to your content, or else it will be harder to read.

6. Proofread

After adding all the necessary details and elements, proofread the whole document to see if there are erroneous information. These are mostly spelling related. Double-check to see if you got the names right.

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