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According to the Bill of Rights, each individual has the right to get a name, identity, and acquire a nationality. All these, as well as the individual’s birthday, are stated in the Birth Certificate, which becomes the first legal recognition of a child’s identity as mandated by law. The birth certificate is a vital record that certifies the circumstances of a child’s birth and is thus used as a representation of such birth.

Birth certificates are needed as a requirement for when a person needs registration. As early as kindergarten, the birth certificate is necessary for registering in schools to serve as proof of identity and age of a child. Later on, it will also be necessary to use for obtaining a driver’s license, youth sports, social security, travel requirements such as a passport, and in some countries or states, for obtaining a marriage license, among others.

In most cases, however, birth certificates will need to be government-authorized certified copies. This is especially important in other government required documents and identification, which is why unofficial use for them should be printed with caution. On the other hand, they can also be used by veterinarians or pet stores as a way to indicate pet birth, which is a less formal use of such an important certificate.

Certificates are cost effective and very easy to make. Unlike award or training certificates, however, they contain more sensitive information that certifies the identity of a person, including the specific time of birth, the hospital where the child was born, as well as the complete names of the parents. For this reason, Birth Certificates are especially sensitive documents that you have to be careful of.

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