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How To Create A Participation Certificate In Pages?

Certification is granted to people (such as student, employee, teacher, etc.) who participated in a certain event. There are some events where a certificate of participation is very important. To include some instances, we have a conference with business professionals, a parenting seminar, an invitation to participate in a football or volleyball training, etc. A certificate of participation simply appreciates someone's presence in a particular event. For us to help you appreciate someone's participation in your event, we have a few tips for you to learn how to create a participation certificate in Apple Pages.

1. Strategize Your Invitation

Before you'd recognize their presence or participation in your event, you must first ensure they would come. Therefore, you will need to formulate strategies on how you will invite your potential participants first. How can you recognize their attendance if you haven't enticed them to come in your event yet? It's important that you will know how to call your participants first. If your invitees have already made up their mind in attending your event, then you can already estimate the right quantity of your certificate. In a similar way, you must think about how you will get your invitees committed. 

2. Verify The Event Details

Now that you've already got your invitees committed, prepare for their certificates of participation. Upon doing so, ask the event coordinators about the complete details of the event. It's best to ask about the complete details so that you will make the message in your certificate comprehensive — clear and concise. When you ask about the event details, make sure to cover what is it about, when will it happen, where is the venue, why was it held, and who are participants. When you have information about who are the participants, then you will know how to correctly address the participant; it's a form of basic courtesy.

3. Pull Up Apple Pages

Open your MAC or any computer use begin designing your participation certificates. Apple Pages puts is a good canvas for creativity because it's easier for you to customize fonts, personalize text styles, and add beautiful graphics in your certificates. Similar to any other file formats, you can also add pictures, use several fonts, and use more than 700 customizable shapes. The best thing it can do for you tho is that it saves your file automatically — it's really useful and very convenient, isn't it?

4. Create A Custom Template

The best way to create a certificate of participation in Apple Pages is to create a custom certificate template. Therefore, you will need to look for a comprehensively designed certificate of participation templates first. For you to do this, you may simply click on the "new" file tab and double-click the template you want to start with. The next thing you'll do is to delete an existing placeholder or background graphic. Then, edit it by putting all the appropriate designs you should use in your certificate of participation.

5. Save As A Template

Finally, it's time to save your file as a template. By doing so, it will free you from the stress brought by creating your participation certificates from scratch. But before you save it as a template, you must make sure to use thankful messages so as to make your participation certificates genuine. Afterward, review your work and coordinate with the organizers in order to correct any mistakes possible; you know you don't want any embarrassment, don't you?