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How To Design A Participation Certificate In MS Word?

A participation certificate or COP (certificate of participation) is a document given to a participant of a particular event, mostly participants from a school event, congress, or contestants of a sports or academic event. Even if it's a simple event, designing a participation certificate must follow strict guidelines to achieve it correctly. If you're tasked with making one, MS Word is your best option for an online software application. It lets you quickly and conveniently create your certificate without hassle. Use the following guidelines to make a polished and professional participation certificate:

1. Write The Heading

A principal step in making a participation certificate is making the heading. Your heading statement must be relatable to the type of certificate you want to award. Put all significant details on the Certificate of Participation. You can also indicate the place that the event happened. As for formatting, you can set it in a curved path, but a straight path is also acceptable. Set your heading in a large and bold style font, and you can also have it in a different color. For long titles, stack the words from left to right to make it look presentable.

2. Indicate Presentation and Recipient Section

Unlike an achievement certificate, a participation certificate has a particular customary phrase to introduce the certificate. Even though you are awarding a participation certification, you may add other lines. Indicate the recipient's name on the section and emphasize the name of the recipient (student, employee, contestant, etc.). In some cases, a recipient may show a group, organization, or team. Like the heading, the recipient's name can also be set in a large and decorative font and centered in the text.

3. Designate the Presenter's Information

Appreciation certificates may contain a line saying something about the presenter. For a participation certificate, it may be a person or a company. To introduce the presenter's information, you can start it with the word 'from' followed by the name and position of the presenter.

4. Award Description

Award certificates and achievement certificates may have a long paragraph describing the award. For a participation certificate, it can be optional. It would be customary to describe the presented award. You can define as to what event or contest they participated in. For the description, it would look professional if it would be justified, and in two to three line texts.

5. Put the Award Date and Official Signature

The date indicated in the participation certificate is typically the date that the award is written. For the award duration, you can make it numerical or spelled out. It can come before or after the description. For legitimacy, indicate a space for signatory. Add a signature line and the printed name of the person responsible for signing the certificate beneath it. There are also instances wherein there are two signatory sections. Adjust the signatory line together with the seal to maintain the balance of the appearance. Print and distribute after.

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