Along with the refreshing Easter weekend, the expected spring has finally come. It's time to embrace the new season of Easter. Family gathering, reflecting God's love, and egg hunting are common activities during this holiday.  If you are planning to throw a celebration or activity during this vacation, check out our Ready-Made Easter Flyer Templates in Microsoft Word. These are all easily editable and printable in your device anytime, anywhere! Get files available (US) 8.5x11 inches + Bleed. Spread the victorious day by downloading this template now!

How to Create an Easter Flyer in Microsoft Word

For Christians, Easter is more than just a custom of egg hunting. But it is a significant event remembering Christ's life, death, and resurrection. It is a special day to commemorate His great and unconditional love shown at the cross. According to Statista, there are about 79 percent of Americans planned to celebrate Easter in 2019. The statistics simply implies that celebrating Easter in the United States is a valuable event.

You may be planning to invite people to join and celebrate with you. Well, a winning Easter flyer is a must-have. We provided practical tips to help you craft one that stands out.

1. Assess Why You Need to Create One

You may come up with a possible reason why you are creating an Easter flyer. It could be for an annual Easter egg hunt party, Easter Sunday church service, or Easter weekend kids party. Whatever your plans may be, make sure that it is relevant to your theme. Having a specific purpose for your Easter church flyer will help you in crafting your message and the overall flyer design. Just a tip: Make your goal more meaningful for people to commemorate the death of Jesus and celebrate His resurrection.

2. Prepare the Flyer Content

Content is essential! It's the main essence of your material. For instance, in creating your church Easter event flyer, include necessary details such as the event name, theme, venue, date, time, contact details, etc. Moreover, incorporate a brief description of the event. That way, readers will have an initial idea of what's going to happen. Add a snappy headline. Make it as catchy as possible to hook readers. Moreover, display a call-to-action statement to let readers know what they are going to do after reading.

Just a tip: Write the content more naturally. Avoid pretentious words. Long and hard-to-read will make readers yawn. Just keep it simple and direct to the point.

3. Incorporate Appealing Photos

Establish a great focal point! How? Include stunning background photos. Since humans are visual creatures, there's no way for you to doubt the power of inserting images into your material. In fact, a Social Science Research Network survey proves that almost all individuals interpret details based on what they see.

Just a tip: In your Easter printable flyers, choose 300 dpi high-resolution images that suit your overall flyer theme. Any image you put has something to say about your material. Do not settle for a pixelated mess. Readers deserve a comfortable reading experience.

4. Organize Text and Design Elements

Take into account the space and size of the flyer. Just like an Easter poster design, your flyer needs to be arranged in an easy-to-follow order. Use a layout that fits your needs. Utilize bullet points, shapes, or borders to organize details. Choose legible typography like Serifs; feel free to experiment and research for different typefaces. Apply a color palette that matches your theme. If you are opting for a minimal flyer, don't put too much effort on choosing colors. Keep it lowkey; you can look for inspiration online.

5. Download a Suitable Church Flyer Template

Planning the overall flyer content and design is a challenging task. That is why we provided alternatives to help you achieve your desired Easter flyers. Hallelujah for our ready-made sample flyer templates! The templates presented above are easy to download, open, and customize in Microsoft Word. Once you're done editing, proofread and print with high-quality paper stock. Post or hand it out in your church and other possible areas.

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