How to Make a Human Resource Organizational Chart in Apple Pages

Every business whether a hair salon or a high school has its own human resource. This department, like all other departments, needs to have a standard tool that can help staff envision the ranking of each position for communication purposes. Here are some tips to help you make one.

1. Choose the Right Template

Our site offers several organizational charts to choose from. Identify which one fits your need and download them as you please.

2. Gather the Necessary Information

Whether you are the General Manager or the HR Manager, you cannot simply make-up the hierarchy of the whole organization. You must collect all the necessary information to ensure that the organizational chart is complete with all the correct details.

3. Even Out the Size of the Boxes

When making the chart, make sure that the boxes used to incorporate the names and position of each employee is even. Having proportional looking boxes makes the document look neat and formal.

4. Mind the Spaces Between Each Position

Any company or department should be mindful of how the viewer sees the chart. If the outline of the chart is disorganized, people may view the same for your organization. Aside from the sizes of the box, the outlines should also be balanced. No positions should be too far apart or two near to each other.

5. Use A Color Scheme for Your Chart

Though colors can make people happy, your organizational chart is not an ice cream parlor that has different flavors. When you make the chart, it must have a distinct color scheme that corresponds with your company colors or a simple one-colored chart.

General FAQs

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