A lease agreement is a legally binding contract between the lessee and the lessor to rent the property of another within a specific period of time. It is made to protect both parties legitimately and to set specific rules within its rental course.

If you are into a real estate business and you are looking for a comprehensive lease agreement to use to lawfully get your transactions done with your clients, you are on the right track. Whether you are involved in residential property or in commercial lease activities, our templates above are just exactly what you need to seal the deal. These are professionally written templates that you can choose from to suit your needs. They are straightforward and easy to use.

Start with downloading the template of your preference in Microsoft Word or Apple Pages to make your lease agreement. You can choose from our simple one page format to our comprehensive month to month rental setup. Identify the basic information of the lease like the description of the property, period covered, information of the parties involved, and the amount and the payment terms. State them in the contract concretely and once you are done, send it electronically. You can also print it, make sure to have it in three copies, read carefully, and sign all pages with the lessee. Keep one copy for both parties and notarize if needed, to make it legally admissible.

A smooth relationship between the lessee and the landlord can be broken by simple misunderstanding and misleading information. Avoid these untoward circumstances, our templates are here to give you stability to ensure your business is doing well even if you are on a holiday or on a vacation.

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