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How to Write a Membership Letter?

Interested applicants to join clubs, organizations, and societies may be asked by their desired organization to attach a membership letter to their application. This helps to communicate their interest in the group while emphasizing the benefits of membership to the admin body. Here are a few tips to remember when writing your membership letter:

1. Show Interest in the Group

Indicate your reason for seeking membership to the group in a short and precise message that is free of errors. Maintain a formal tone and indicate why you will be an asset to the organization. Make sure that you do not deviate from your topic as it could turn off the deciding team.

2. Be Concise in Your Letter

For formal documents, it is best to avoid long words and flowery language. In fact, as a rule of thumb, it is crucial to keep the letter short, simple, and direct to the point.

3. Convey the Right Tone

Formal letters can be tricky. It is important to convey your message without using slang or jargon, contradictions, and other vague words. Instead, make sure you use a polite and respectful tone, considering that you want to impress the reader enough to accept your membership.

4. Make Your Letter Presentable

First impressions last long, so make the effort of using good quality paper and envelope for your letter and ensure that the recipient is addressed. Use formal fonts—none of those decorative scripts—in readable font size. This is true for both physical letters and emails.

5. Proofread

It is a good idea to let someone else proofread your membership letter for you so that they can check on those that you may have overlooked. Don’t rush to complete a letter without reviewing it beforehand as errors in writing could make the difference between your acceptance and rejection.

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