Membership Cards Templates

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What Is a Membership Card?

A membership card is a document given to an individual or an entity to certify that they are members of a club, an elite group, a grocery store, or any establishment. Membership cards can also serve as proof of access in private institutions and exclusive stores or hotels. It is also a document that is sought after by patrons, clients, and customers because it gives access, discount, and certain privileges to products and services.

How to Create a Membership Card?

Distributing membership cards is one way to establish a loyal pool of clients and target customers. Membership to an organization denotes privilege and benefits for the member of such an organization. These business cards often promote loyalty for the members as well as more business for the organization. It is a win-win situation that is utilized by both the company and the customer. 

Since members are enticed by the rewards they get, there is an increase in sales for your products and services. After creating a marketing plan, proceed to make a design plan for your business membership card. With the aid of the items below, you can make beautiful membership cards and ID cards for reward programs and exclusive deals.

1. Allot Time for Research

Before you design the card, make sure you research market trends and statistics. Read through materials that would help you design and create rewards or database system for your modern cards. Your membership card can either make or break your marketing strategy. Take Costco for example, according to statistics there are about 94.3 million Costco membership cardholders worldwide from 2014 to 2018. This data indicates that if done correctly, your membership schemes can draw in more stakeholders.

2. Create the First Draft

Good designs cannot be done hastily; rather, it is done carefully and with the utmost consideration. A functional and creative card design always starts with a draft. Scribble and draw in pitched ideas from your team. As you create the design draft, think about your target market; are they employees, students, or voters? As soon as you finish making the first draft, assess your design through critique and gathering suggestions. 

3. Make Room for Design Improvement

The draft you made will be your avenue for design improvement. Finalize the design then choose the sample card size and cardstock. Create a design reflective of your establishment and marketing goals. Place additional designs and arrange a layout that offers ease and convenience. 

4. Customize the Card and Add Security Features

Membership cards are meant to be distributed to the registered members; therefore, it should be customized to include names, identification numbers, profile photos, and other essential member data information. The professional card should also bear added security features for tracing and data protection purposes. You may consult professionals to do this for you as it may require special features and skills. 

5. Proceed to Card-Printing

After you have placed all the necessary parts of the once printable card, take the time to recheck everything. After a careful review, gather up your printing materials or call the nearest professional printing company to print your membership cards. There are various kinds of card printing, such as offset printing, silkscreen printing, re-transfer printing, and dye-sublimation printing. Choose any process that suits your project budget and specification.