If you are an owner of an establishment and you are blessed with loyal customers, then it is important that you must issue them a membership ID Card as a way for showing them your gratitude for their loyalty of using your products and services and to ensure the non-members cannot join any special events and gathering's of your private buildings. In relation to that, we offer you our ready-made Membership ID Card Templates that will help you create an ID card for your members. You can edit and customize this template in any file formats that you like such as MS Word, Photoshop, Illustrator, Apple Pages, and Publisher. This template is also available in 2.13x3.39 inches and Bleed print sizes. What are you waiting for? Download our Membership ID Card Template now!

What Is a Membership ID Card?

A Membership ID Card or Identity Card is the unique identifier for the membership of your organization and is provided by the administrator of your organization. All your membership details, including the member ID of your company, can be found on the membership page in your account.

How to Make a Membership ID Card?

Creating a membership ID Card requires a lot of brainstorming and creativity skills, but we will gladly help you on how to make an effective one with our five easy steps listed below. Make sure that you read and understand each step carefully because this will really be a great help for you! Check out these steps!

1. Identify the Brand Image of your Institution or Business

Bear in mind that ID cards reflect the business, institution, or organization that created them. This is why the first step in creating a professional ID Card is to reflect and define what your organization or business is all about. For instance, if you are running a hospital, then you should make sure that your ID card remains true to the objectives of your institution to help the hospital patients.

2. State all the Necessary Details

Next, the corporate ID card must contain accurate and relevant information to be valid. Note all these pieces of information in advance to make it easier for you to make your ID card later on. Key information to include in a membership ID is the name of the ID cardholder, card member's services, company logo, backside content, and other important details.

3. Design or Download a Template Online

Your membership ID Card must have a unique characteristic compared to the other simple ID cards. That is why you must design its layout creatively with a simple background so that it can easily be understood. It depends on your company what type of ID Card they will use, whether they will use a landscape format or vice versa. You may also download templates on our site if you are tired of designing from scratch or blank. Here in Template.Net Pro, we offer you printable, downloadable, and editable sample templates that you can use whether in school or business purposes.

4. Add Security Features

Don't forget to add to your agent ID safety features. Bar codes, QR codes, RFID, and magnetic strips of events are the most prominent features. Consult your security team if they can suggest other features. This is a significant step towards stopping unauthorized access to your facility.

5. Print and Distribute the ID Cards

Now that you know the basic steps in creating and designing a printable ID card, you should begin printing it and distribute it immediately to the ID Cardholder. Whether it is a club membership card or smart, it will always be made up of plastic because of its durability. You may also ask the ID card printer shop about the alternatives they can offer.

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