Patient Termination Letter Templates

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Doctors and patients have a formal relationship as they benefit each other. However, it sometimes ends due to unforeseen factors. If you're a doctor and you need to stop giving services to your patients, let them know through our Patient Termination Letter Templates! Every template in this collection is 100% editable and customizable. There's no need to start from scratch. The templates have original content and headings for you to write your letter easily. You can also print these templates in A4 and US Letter Sizes. Get the best out of our deals by signing up for our subscription plans now!

What Is a Patient Termination Letter?

A patient termination letter is a document that states the termination of services to the patient. This kind of letter usually comes from a physical therapist, physician, psychologist, dentist, or medical company. 

How to Write a Patient Termination Letter

There are 6,146 hospitals in the USA in 2020 according to the American Hospital Association. These hospitals surely provide patient care and services. But if medical services are bound to come to an end, you need to inform the patient through a letter. If you need a guide in writing a patient termination letter, read our tips below. 

1. Give a Notice

Any kind of termination needs a notice. You can give a 30-day notice before the termination date, so the patient can still look for another doctor to continue his treatment. 

2. State the Reason

Give a reason for terminating the services. A patient needs to understand why he won't get any medical service. Make sure it's valid and honest. It's your patient's life on the line if the reason is something that you can't control. You also need to state if the patient has been uncooperative with you in your sample letter

3. Provide Recommendations

Since you're ending the services, recommend an alternative treatment for the patient. You can refer him to another doctor or medical company who you think can give more proper treatment. 

4. Extend Well Wishes

Termination of medical services may be the end of your formal relationship as doctor and patient, but it's always proper and cordial to give well wishes to the patient. Give him a proper send-off no matter how long you served him as his doctor. 


  • What are the reasons for terminating a patient?

      A doctor can terminate a patient for these following reasons:

      1. No show in appointments
      2. Habitual non compliance to treatment plans 
      3. Behavior issues
      4. Lying about medical history

  • How does a doctor terminate a patient?

      Aside from writing a letter, a doctor should directly talk to their patient about the impending termination. According to the website Care Cloud, doctors don't need to issue a termination letter but they have to. There's no legal contract for a doctor-patient relationship, but it should still be treated as a legal transaction.

  • Can a doctor lose his license when terminating a patient?

      A doctor won't lose his license when terminating a patient as long as the actions justify the termination. If the doctor's actions put the patient's life in danger and terminates his services, then that's the time he'd lose his license. 

  • Is it easy for doctors to terminate a patient?

      Most of the time, it's not easy for doctors to terminate their patients. It's also an opportunity for the patient to seek more thorough medical help after the termination. 

  • Can a troublesome patient be saved from the doctor's termination?

      If things work out between the doctor and the patient, the termination will never happen. The patient has to adhere to the doctor's rules to keep it from happening.