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How To Create A Report Card in MS Word?

A report card is a form of educational measurement that aims to determine how to improve the performance of the learners. The primary importance of a report card is to measure and evaluate how much the students learn. A report is also an assessment of how much the student understood and how they apply the things they learn. In some cases, a report card is also usable in addressing what the students don't know. If you want to address the gap, follow these tips, and create an effective report card using MS Word. 

1. Determine The Performance Metrics

Metrics help you in evaluating your learners' performance more effectively. Determining the parameters enables you to decide whether there should be improvement or none. The metrics can be in numbers, in letters, or characters. Whichever way you wish to present the results of the performance evaluation, make sure they're consistent. To help you in evaluating, use our checklist templates as a reference.

2. Present The Grades Numerically

Numbers make all details accurate. Whether you're making a report card for elementary, high school, or college students, it's best to use numbers in keeping track of their progress. Numbers give a stronger impact on students. The metrics should go beyond "pass" or "fail." Sometimes, you need to present a specific figure where students realize that they should work harder. For instance, the passing grade is 75% above. Indeed, 75% is the least passing grade. If you put "passed" on their report cards, do you think they would improve? Therefore, it's best to quantify how the students failed or passed to help them grow. Remember that a report card is an academic report that measures your students' performance. Hence, quantify the grade sheet.

3. Insert Branding Cliparts 

A report card isn't a mere document that presents the results of the learners' performance evaluation; it's also an advertising tool. Since you can also use a report card as your marketing tool, make sure to place your logo on top of the card. You may use it as clipart. For some instance, use cartoon vectors as clipart, especially when you present the card to kindergarten students. 

4. Place The Table 

Go to the menu tab and go to insert. Then, choose tables and select the appropriate number of cells to place on your document. Afterward, establish your cell headers and observe typographic hierarchy. In this case, it's also essential to learn how to structure an effective typographic hierarchy. Then, make sure to make the borders a little thicker to distinguish data more effectively. 

5. Group Your Data

As you place the table, make sure to establish data groups by creating a sheet.  Especially when you're making an academic report card, determine which cells you want to provide the prelim, midterm, and final grades. Then, don't forget to provide cells for the general evaluation (pass or fail). If you wish to use letters, you're free to choose whichever you want to use. However, make sure they're in ascending or descending order.