Putting together a vintage swing dance-off? Got an upcoming groovy disco night? It’s hard to deny just how enjoyable it is to have a decade-themed event. However, no matter what specific generation you’re aiming for, it won’t be much fun if you can’t rake in a big enough crowd. Don’t worry, though--with our Ready-Made Retro Party Flyer Templates, you can craft some good classy advertising material in a snap! With professional quality and easily editable content, our samples will save time in putting together a flyer for your party. Each of these designs is 100% customizable in Microsoft Word, available in A4 and US letter sizes. Hurry and download to get the word out about your awesome retro party!

How to Create Retro Party Flyers in Word

The 20th century introduced a variety of different styles, cultures, and music to the world over, with certain decades having their own unique flavors brought to the table. And with how influential each of these generations was, we now host parties and get-togethers that pay homage to these times long since passed.

Are you planning a retro-themed event for the public to enjoy? Well then, you better people buzzing about it! If you need some help with that, then download any of our Ready-Made Retro Party Flyer Templates. You can’t go wrong when you use our professionally-crafted collection, which contains designs that cater to all tastes from the 1900s.

You might be thinking, “Flyers seem pretty outdated.” However, like with the awesome musical stylings from the previous century, printed handouts are still relevant to this day. Plus, according to a page from ctb.ku.edu, flyers are super quick to make and one of the cheapest ways to advertise; perfect for anyone on a budget!

Clueless about where to even start? Then just read through our tips (shown below) and learn how to create a flyer in good ol’ Microsoft Word.

1. Promote Your Party With a Specific Flyer Design

Not an artist? Don’t have experience editing templates? No cause for concern since all of our party flyer templates are made for both experts and beginners to use without a hitch! You’ll also find a healthy variety to pick from; sleek vector illustrations for a jazz event to stylized photos for an 80s synth bash.

2. Use Microsoft Word for Your Editing Needs

For a simple yet versatile editing tool, look no further than Microsoft Word. Not only is MS Word an effective word processor, but it’s even suitable for preparing your desired flyer template.

Once you’ve nabbed yourself a matching flyer design, you should start personalizing your shiny new template in MS Word. Though, since our samples are made to look good right out of the box, you can choose to leave its visuals the way it is.

On the other hand, the dialog and information about your upcoming party need to be taken care of. Besides good grammar and such, including a few charming lines to your writing is a good idea; maybe look up some decade-appropriate that you can add!

3. Use More Than Just Flyers for Your Get-together

With your custom flyer designs completed, you’re now free to check out other kinds of material for your party.

Complement your handouts with some posters. These larger counterparts are good for plastering around on walls with good exposure. (however, do be respectful of places that prohibit this)

Wanna make sure to keep up with the happenings in your event? Compose a party itinerary to use as a reference.

4. Rake in a Big Crowd

After you’re done preparing your advertising material, you’re finally ready to spread the word about your commemoration for the classic oldies. Be it the 90’s, 70’s, or 50’s, our Ready-Made Retro Party Flyer Templates are up for the job!

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