How to Create a Vintage Ticket in Apple Pages

Your creativity plays a big part in creating a vintage ticket. Aside from that, you need to have a process to guide you through finishing it. If you want a step by step guide in creating a ticket in Apple Pages, continue reading below.

1. Choose a Theme

Though there are several motif ideas you can use in creating a vintage ticket, sticking to a single theme can help you focus. If you are to choose a theme, make sure it is suitable for what your modern ticket is for. This theme will be your guidepost in layout and design, so choose the best from the bunch.

2. Outline the Content

Before jumping into the graphic and design, you need to kick-off your task with an outline. It will allow you to make a temporary ticket which is similar to the actual vintage ticket. Plus, you can tweak the content of the ticket if you want to.

3. Insert Relevant Details

The usual simple ticket contains important details about an event it is made for. Like the cinemas, they label their tickets with "admit one" to entitle the holder a single-pass right. Other relevant details like dates, name of the event, place, and important instructions can also be added into the vintage ticket.

4. Be Creative

Pouring creativity into a printable ticket will make it more appealing. Though you will be working on a small ticket area, do not limit yourself to making an average ticket because you are restricted with space.

5. Incorporate Branding

Like a flyer or a poster, your ticket serves as promotional material, too. That said, consider the ticket as a platform to build your brand. So, incorporate design elements that will help people recognize your brand.

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