Vintage Menu Pages Templates Has a Wide Variety of Vintage Menu Templates Specially Created for Your Retro-Style Restaurant, Bar, or Cafe. Serve Your Three-Course Meal to Diners with a Stylish Vintage Menu Card Created with Your Food List the Retro Way. Download Different Kinds of Free Vintage Menu Designs That Are All Customizable to Your Liking in Apple Pages.See more

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  • Menus are one of the most essential materials in the food business industry. It often comes in different forms like a cocktail menu, special occasion menu, or a business lunch menu. In this day and age, menus can also be the turning point in helping food businesses attract more customers. Hence, we offer you our wide collection of beautifully designed and ready-made Vintage Menu in Pages. All of them come with customizable suggestive content that'll serve as your guide. Plus, they're also printable in (US) 8.5x11 inches + Bleed size. Make your food business more luscious to the eyes of your customers when you get this template today!

    How to Create Vintage Menu Templates in Apple Mac Pages

    The fast and steady growth of the restaurant industry in the US continues to impress any potential investors. In 2015, this industry reached a total of 745.61 billion US dollars and is expected to continuously rise to 782 billion in the following year, according to Statista. One of the contributing factors to its success is the way it represents its brand through its menu to make it more engaging and exciting to the eyes of its diners. 

    If you're opting to use a more classic or vintage approach in creating your menu, then follow these simple guide steps that we created just for you. 

    1. Use Clear Section Headings

    Menus list down the food items that you offer in your restaurant. This is often the first thing that diners would look into, so you have to make sure that all of the items stated in it are arranged clearly. You can do this by positioning all the items in functional headings. Doing so will help make your customers easily spot the food items that they want to order. To make your restaurant menu more functional, we recommend that you also properly sort out your food items from the cocktail drinks that you offer.

    2. Insert Appetizing Illustrations

    Delightful illustrations are one of the things that can make your vintage-styled menu more inviting. In choosing, opt to use visuals that would stimulate the hunger of your customers. It would also be best if the illustration that you're going to insert is one of the best selling or yet expensive dishes that you have in your food choices. Nowadays, creating a dull and blank menu won't help your business grow, so you have to be more creative in developing it.

    3. Make It Engaging

    Engage your customers on your menu by incorporating it with elegant and retro designs. Go with background designs that would surely gain and attract the attention of customers in just one glance. For immediate results, we suggest that you pair them up with catchy food names on your creative menu to make them more notable to the minds of your restaurant diners. It would also be best if you relate your menu design to the kind of restaurant that you have. If it's a country-style restaurant, then designs related to it should be present in your menu.

    4. Be Wise With Your Color Choices

    Applying some captivating colors in your menu can increase its efficiency in successfully delivering its purpose. For the best results, we suggest that you base your decision on the color theory. Go with colors that would trigger the hunger out of your customers like red and blue. Make sure that you compliment them well within your vintage menu. Take a look at some of our sample menus and see how we designed them effectively. Lastly, you can now print them out in durable paper so they can be used for a longer period of time.