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27+ Free Icons – PSD, AI, Vector EPS

An icon is a small graphical illustration of a program or file which, when clicked, runs or opens. They are used with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows or the Apple Mac OS, to quickly identify a type of file or program associated with the icon. You can also find Social Media Icons.

> Why are Icons Important?

Icons are immensely important for any kind of website.

They can make a huge difference in connecting your website to social networks with the help of social media icons. This in turn gives your website and brands a professional edge. These icons can be placed anywhere on the website- headers, sidebars and footers.You can also find Free Hand Picked Icons.

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On an average, a website will have at least 3 to 20 icons simply because they are considered essential elements for the success of any website or an online store.

While the style and design of an icon is important, it’s the usability that counts. Apart from increasing the depth of content and design in your website, icons also work to connect your business with social networks, blogs, RSS feeds and email.

Most icons are known and recognised by people world over and this helps visitors of your website find what they’re looking for.You can also find Free Weather Icons.

Designing your website layout around icons offers a method of communication beyond the written content. Symbols are capable of quickly explaining the function of a button or link. Symbols also often become recognizable trademarks for companies.

> Do’s and Don’ts of Icon Design and Usage

A website using too many icons is often a little confusing. There should be some context for using icons. Although it’s true that icons enhance your content, they also need some context to help readers understand better.

When using icons, the objective should be to illustrate your own idea. And this idea should be clear, concise and effective, and immediately relatable. It’s always best if you plan out some content into paragraphs beforehand. Then you’ll have a better idea of which icons would fit better with the content.You can also find 100+ Free Icons Set.

Try being innovative with your icon ideas and designs and link it to your story. Even if you are downloading and using using free icons from the internet, always see what new you can come up with. The best designers push boundaries to get the best out of their icons.

There is absolutely no harm in using a pre-designed set of free icons. In fact this often saves time on a project and allows you to focus more on other areas.You can also find People icons .

Icons shouldn’t look to similar to each other although they should ideally follow a theme. Similar looking icons confuse the user and won’t serve the purpose. Similarly, if icons are too ambiguous and disarrayed, the effect will not be aesthetically pleasing and can be a total let-down.

Adding too many elements in an icon can confuse user. Another thing to remember here is that an icon should be equally clear when resized or minimised without pixellating. As icons are usually very small in size, it is important to keep it clean and easily understandable at any size.

You must ensure that the designs you choose for icons are universally recognizable.You can also find Project Management Free icons.

> Types of Icons

1. Icon or likeness: This kind of icon is a direct reproduction of the concept or the object you are trying to represent. For example, photograph of a person’s face in phone contacts; or a graphic of the iPhone is technically an icon. In any user interface, the term icon is used instead of a more accurate term because when signs were first used in user interfaces they were all mostly icons.In this you can find Pictogram Icons And Icons Set.

2. Index or indications: This kind of icon shows a symptom or evidence of a concept and may not be a direct imitation. For example, emoticon. Emoticons or emojis are an indication of emotions. While creating an index, the designer has to make sure that the correlation between the index and the concept can be established by the user.

3. Symbols: This is a sign or a symbol or an icon that becomes associated with a particluar concept or object over time. Numbers and alphabets are the best examples of this kind of icons. Both Icons and indices can become symbols over time by repeated usage. The floppy disk image is now commonly used to indicate save operation, although floppy disks are almost extinct.

> Where Can I Find Free Icons?

Free icons can be found on several websites on the web. Here is a listing of some of the sites that allow you to download free icons for Windows, MacOS, and commercially.

> Conclusion

Icons play a vital role in web designing as well as in our day to day life as users in different kind of projects. Although they are quite small and might seem redundant in some contexts, they play many different critical roles. Icons can be a great way to bring essential content to the point.

When you design or use icons for your own projects, you need to make sure that you base them on concepts and metaphors that people understand and recognise. When you place your icons on your site, keep the proximity principle in mind and group them with content they relate to.

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