28+ Newsletter Templates – Word, PDF, Publisher, InDesign, PSD

One of the first things which must be paid attention to when designing a newsletter is its design. Fact is that the first basis on which a readership is likely to develop for your newsletter is its appearance. If it looks good, people will be pushed to grab a copy and read it – online and offline. Next most important is the content which you put inside there. In this article, you will see many different newsletter templates – in PDF, PSD and Word formats – which will help you design the perfect newsletter!

Free Business Email Newsletter

Free Business Email Newsletter Free Download

Free Corporate Email Newsletter

Free Corporate Email Newsletter Free Download

Fashion Email Newsletter Template

Fashion Email Newsletter Template Free Download

Photography Email Newsletter

Photography Email Newsletter Free Download

Product Email Newsletter

Product Email Newsletter Free Download

Travel Email Newsletter Template

Travel Email Newsletter Template Free Download

Restaurant Email Newsletter

Restaurant Email Newsletter Free Download

Free Wedding Email Newsletter

Free Wedding Email Newsletter Free Download

Marketing Email Newsletter

Marketing Email Newsletter Free Download

Monthly Real Estate Email Newsletter

Monthly Real Estate Email Newsletter Free Download

Real Estate Email Newsletter Template

Real Estate Email Newsletter Template Free Download

Sales Email Newsletter

sales-email-newsletter Free Download

Teacher Newsletter Templates

Teachers are keen to inform parents about activities and events in the classroom and there is no better way than creating a pretty newsletter. It is fairly easy to download an amazing variety of teacher newsletter templates that allow easy modifications and quick typing of data. These templates support PDF, PSD and word formats so downloads are simple and quick.

Math Teacher Newsletter Template Download

math teacher newsletter template download

newsletter templatess

School Newsletter Templates

Easy-to-use and customization-ready school newsletter templates are the need-of-the-hour for maintaining a detailed communication channel between the school and parents. Parents love to know the activities involving their kids. This editable newsletter has all the required tools that will enable one to add content and edit everything else. This template is supported by Word, PSD and PDF formats.

School Classroom Newsletter Letter Download Printable

school classroom newsletter letter download printable

Publisher Newsletter Templates

When it is time to publish a document like a card or a brochure, it is necessary to focus on its visual appeal and its graphics. The availability of Publisher newsletter templates makes this job extremely hassle-free and publishing any such document can be done without breaking into a sweat. Multiple designs and a variety of supporting formats like PDF, PSD and Word are a major incentive to getting these templates.

Word Business MS Publisher Newsletter Template Download

word business ms publisher newsletter template download

Preschool Newsletter Template

Schools use the newsletter method to inform parents about the activities their child has participated in during school and generate a basic report around it. The Preschool newsletter template make things pretty easy to develop a customized and attractive newsletter that allows easy inclusion of reports, These template support PSD, PDF and word format and can be downloaded with ease.

Blank Preschool Newsletter Template for Children Download

blank preschool newsletter template for children download


Newsletter Templates Word

Newsletters that are eye-catching and dramatic so that the readers are engaged from the first word. Newsletter Templates word can be a great asset for communication with choice of font, colours and layout. By using these excellent templates, your communication becomes stylish and refreshing. It is also possible to save and email these templates in PSD, PDF and word formats.

Free Vivid Blue Family Newsletter Word Doc Download

free vivid blue family newsletter word doc download


Newsletter Templates Free

A professional approach coupled with attractive looks are the hallmark of Newsletter templates Free and are the best way to begin a dialogue with customers. These PSD, PDF and Word format compatible designs are available in a variety of designs and layouts and are perfect for establishing long-lasting business relationships.

Blank July Class Room Newsletter Free Word Doc

blank july class room newsletter free word doc


Email Newsletter Templates

Pre-designed email newsletter templates are a great help when you are short of time and need to a quick but professional job of creating one. Email templates can be customized in minutes and since they are PDF, Word and PSD supported, managing them is totally hassle free. Setting the template up and loading your customized data is easy too with email newsletter templates.

PiscesMail Email News Letter Template Download

piscesmail email news letter template download

InDesign Newsletter Templates

All corporate needs like designing and printing of brochures, magazines, flyers, folders etc. need the InDesign newsletter templates that work like magic with these formats. They can be useful for electronic format or printing with easy-to-edit design modules with a variety of text options. Downloads are possible in the PSD, PDF and Word format too.

Free InDesign A4 Newsletter Template Download

free indesign a4 newsletter template download

Classroom Newsletter Template

If you are in need of a medium for creating a communication tool between students and parents, a ready-to-use classroom newsletter template is all that is required. This newsletter is a fabulous way of keeping parents in the loop of ongoing classroom activities. It also has the advantage of supported file formats like PSD, PDF and Word.

Editable Classroom Newsletter Template Word Format

editable classroom newsletter template word format


Church Newsletter Templates

It makes great reading about your church activities and events that have been conducted in a customized and picturesque Church newsletter. To generate this communication, it is a great idea to download the church newsletter template, available in PDF, word and PSD formats, and make a great church bulletin. There is no better way to serve the church than being involved in its wonderful activities.

A4 Church Newsletter Template INDD Format

tri fold a4 brochure and a 4 page a4 newsletter

Christmas Newsletter Template

The joyous spirit of Christmas brings out the best out in us and if communication with employees, partners, vendors, clients or even family, is on your mind, download the ready-to-use Christmas newsletter template that supports PDF, Word and PSD formats. These customizable templates are simple to manage and grab some serious eyeballs and help bring in the Christmas buyers rushing to your website or store.

Download Christmas Newsletter Template PSD Format

download christmas newsletter template psd format

HTML Newsletter Templates

HTML, or Hyper Text Mark-up Language, is mostly used in designing emails specifically for running campaigns. The template selection is crucial here as that would determine the chances of such mails featuring in the spam folder of the customer. These mails are mainly designed using HTML tags which may contain certain images as well.

Fiji HTML Newsletter Template Free Editable

fiji html newsletter template free editable

Company Newsletter Template

Company newsletter templates are more in line with the business template highlighting a lot of professionalism and elegance in the way the content in presented. However, there are certain scenarios like “Employee Speak” or “Informal talks” where in certain informal flashes and animations could be used. These newsletters are mostly in PDF formats.

Corporate Company Newsletter Template Download

corporate company newsletter template download

Real Estate Newsletter Templates

An image is worth a thousand words. This is well depicted in real estate newsletter where in the designer needs to provide attractive images of the real estate being marketed. Mostly designed in PSD images with attractive font styles content, real estate newsletter templates mostly focus on the presentation rather than the content.

Smart Move Real Estate Newsletter Template Download

samrt move real estate newsletter template download

Monthly Newsletter Template

Monthly newsletters are mainly designed and drafted in Microsoft Word or PDF are mainly used as a routine activity where in the happening and achievements of the previous months are highlighted with an indication of the upcoming tasks and engagements. The overall content style depends upon the purpose of the newsletter – whether it is for an educational institute or a corporate.

October Monthly Newsletter Template Editable Download

october monthly newsletter template editable download

Outlook Newsletter Template

Outlook, being an email provider, most of its templates are meant for email communication – be it email campaigns or auto-responders set in response to a sale activity of a customer. These newsletter templates do have provision for certain customizations as well in case the user wishes to send customizable content to users. These are mostly pre-defined in the outlook software.

Exclusive New Year Newsletter Outllok Format Download

exclusive new year newsletter outllok format download

Holiday Newsletter Template

As the name suggests, holiday is something which brings a smile in everyone’s face and excitement in their mind. Therefore, the holiday newsletter templates should literally convey the excitement levels of customers and more importantly, should be in accordance to the holiday destination. These newsletter templates are mostly in Microsoft Word, or at times in PDF format.

Holiday Travel Agent Newsletter Template PSD Design

holiday travel agent newsletter template psd design