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Searching for multimedia icons? You’re on the right track. We have here a list of multimedia icons that elevate the design structure of your website. Our set of multimedia icons will provide you with a lot of options to choose from.

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Multimedia is considered as a multifaceted content because it uses diverse content forms such as texts, images, audio, and other interactive contents. Our icons showcase designs from various perspectives be it classic or modern. Start scrolling down and see for yourself the set of icons that will surely improvise and style up your designs. Feel free to check out Template.net’s design and business archives and enjoy your stay!

Vector Multimedia Icons

vector multimedia iconsDownload

Flat Multimedia Icons

flat multimedia iconsDownload

Multimedia Material Design Icons

multimedia material design iconsDownload

Multimedia Line Icons

multimedia line iconsDownload

Music and Multimedia Icons

music and multimedia iconsDownload

Practical Applications of Multimedia Icons

Multimedia, as a tool, is used in various areas. Because of the prevalence of the use of multimedia, it carries with it the usefulness of multimedia icons. Here are some fields that may use them:

  • Entertainment and creative industries. This pertains to arts, movies or films, games, songs, animations, and the like. For instance, games, whether online or offline, make use of icons in order for it to be interactive and functional. Without them, the game would be boring and would lack dynamism.
  • Education. According to research, multimedia is used as part of computer-based software and programs pertaining to a particular academic field. Examples of these are interactive encyclopedias, dictionaries, and the like.
  • Commercial and business industries. In the world of marketing and advertising, multimedia plays a key role. Exciting PowerPoint presentations are used in order to grab the attention of viewers and readers across, which means icons also play a key role, especially in infographics and making important points.

These are just some of the practical applications of multimedia icons. They serve multiple purposes indeed. They make the site and software more operational and efficient. Aside from them, we also have music icons, which are of great quality and definition. Feel free to check out and download them.

Hand Drawn Multimedia Icons

hand drawn multimedia iconsDownload

Web and Multimedia Icons

web and multimedia iconsDownload

Multimedia Player Icons

multimedia player iconsDownload

Multimedia Stroke Icons

multimedia stroke iconsDownload

Multimedia Folder Icons

multimedia folder iconsDownload

Things to Avoid in Designing Icons

Designing icons are not a walk in the park. You have to deal with a spoonful of technicalities, but it is always good to know multimedia icon basics. Here are some points that you should avoid in designing icons based on research:

  • Unclear metaphors. In designing icons, you must bear in mind that icons are used to represent certain functions. You should not overdo the design to the extent that the reader will have a hard time recognizing it. It is advisable to use icons with universally accepted meanings.
  • Overdoing the design. In dealing with icons, ensure that the designs are not too similar and at the same time not too far different. It is advisable to apply the right mix. Always remember the right balance between aesthetics and clarity.
  • Disorganized icons. Icons should be positioned correctly in an appropriate manner. Avoid cluttered icons. By positioning them correctly, it can increase their visibility and familiarity.

These are just some points that you should avoid in designing icons. Aside from them, you can also check out our microphone icons, which are also of great quality and definition. Feel free to check them out. Enjoy your stay at Template.net!


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