74+ Wedding Invitation Templates

If you are looking for the perfect template to make your perfect day the best one, then we bring you the wedding invitation templates. These perfect looking elegant templates does not only bring you the best of designs but also has one of the best organized fashion trends and words. When it comes to wordings, then there are beautiful quotes and unlimited fonts that we come up with. Hence bring in your bridal events, while we bring in our best of collections of templates for wedding invitations.

Special Beach Wedding Invitation Template


Elegant Wedding Invitation Card Template


Chalk Board Wedding Invitation Template


Wedding Photography Invitation Template


Stylish Wedding Invitation Card Template


Golden and Black Wedding Invitation Template


Creative Water Color Wedding Invitation Card Template


Watercolor Flowers Printable Wedding Invitation Template


Modern Wedding Invitation Templates

If you are looking something out of the box beyond the plain traditional wedding invites, go for modern wedding invitation templates sample. Unlike the traditional ones, the modern ones allow you to an insert a romantic picture of the couple and also come up in various interesting themes like chalkboard, retro, beach party, gold foil etc.

Modern Wedding Invitation Template PSD Download


Western Wedding Invitation Template

If you are an adventurous couple who are looking to incorporate the unique wild west feel in your wedding invitation, take help from a western wedding invitation template sample. These wedding invites bear a typical wild rustic charm and are often accompanied by exquisite pertinent designs like cowboy boots, hats, horse-shoe, sunflowers, a backdrop of ranch and so on.

Western Wedding Invitation Template


Sample Wedding Invitation Template

An invitation letter is a must when you invite friends and extended family members on your wedding. If you are running short of time, a readymade Sample Wedding Templates Word doc would be helpful with a pre-defined framework that comes complete with proper wordings and beautiful borders. These can be customized easily.

Simple Wedding Invitation Card


Classic Wedding Invitation Card Template


Wedding Shower Invite Template

A wedding shower is a dream come true for every girl. What’s better than having a bunch of loved ones showering their love and affection for you with gifts? Hence we bring you the bridal shower invitation templates with great retina ready imagery options that support HD printed pictures with high resolution options

Vintage Bridal Shower Invitation Template


Winery Wedding Invitation Template PSD File

Download Wedding Invitation Templates PDF : Download Here

Wedding Reception Invitation Template

Your wedding reception invitation is never complete without a proper invitation card or email. To save time and for the best of ideas, you can opt for wedding reception invitation template free word doc that come up in beautiful colors with pictures of your tiered wedding cake & sometimes nice floral touch here and there.

Wedding Reception Invitation Template



Vintage Birds Wedding Invitation Template Free PDF


Rose Lace Corners – Printable Wedding Invitation Template Download

greetingsisland.com Lace corners frame a photo that speaks of your love to make this invitation uniquely yours. Its horizontal orientation enhances the design and gives you all the space you need for wedding details. The artistic placement of the text is still easy to edit and customize with multiple fonts in assorted colors.

Wedding Invitation Wording From Brides Parent : Download Here

Post Wedding Reception Invitation Wording PDF : Download Here

Photo Wedding Invitations Template


Are you bored of traditional text-only wedding invitations? Well, the good news is that today you will find photo wedding invitations template sample that will allow you to upload a romantic image of the couple – so that the main focus stays on the most important people of the event- you two.

Photo Wedding Invitation Bundle PSD Design Download

The Photo Romance Modern Wedding Invitation

Rustic Wedding Invitations Template

If you are planning a wedding on the countryside, make sure to follow a rustic wedding invitations template example for your wedding card. These wedding invitations beautifully bring alive the rustic feel with beige or teal backdrops, jute patches, cross-stitched hearts, paper doilies, lace ribbons,  great calligraphy fonts and so on.

Classic Rustic Wedding Invitation Template


Download Rustic Wedding Invitation Template PSD Design

DIY Wood Rustic Wedding Invitation Template Download

Free Template For Wedding Invitations To Print

Are you looking to design your wedding invitation and are in need of ideas? You can opt for free template for wedding invitations to print sample here as they come pre-made with excellent floral designs at the sides or for the borders. Some of them even offer help with the wording.

Free Printable Wedding Invitation Template Download

Printable Golden and Silver Wedding Invitation to Print

Email Wedding Invitation Template

Do you have to send email wedding invitations to friends far away? You can take help from an email wedding invitation template example here as these templates come up in wide range of beautiful designs featuring- nice floral backgrounds, a pair of cute owls, paisley designs and many more that are romantic and elegant.

Beautiful Email Wedding Invitation Template Desgin

Wedding Dress Invitation Template

Your wedding dress certainly holds a special place in your heart and would be so forever. Thus, most of the bridal shower invites are designed on wedding dress invitation template sample where the entire card is shaped like a beautiful gown- some of the templates also feature the silhouette of a lovely bride in the wedding dress.

Wedding Dress Invitation Template Pink Background PSD

Printable Bridal Shower Wedding Dress Invitation Template

Hobby Lobby Wedding Invitation Template

When it comes to wedding invitations, a hobby lobby wedding invitation template example is surely a top favorite. These great invitation templates beautifully capture the classy romantic aura of a wedding with sophisticated designs, color combinations- plush satin ribbons are almost a fixture with most of these invites that make the invitation even more special.

Printable Country Western Wedding Invitation Template

Stylized Laurels Printable Wedding Invitation Template Download

This wedding invitation with simple charm may be just right for you and your forever love. Stylized natural accents frame the text, and the appealing mix of fonts adds interest. Edit the text with your own information and then download, or order your invitations professionally printed on high-quality paper.

Make Your Own Wedding Invitations Templates

If you want to make your own wedding invitation, there are sample make your own wedding invitations templates that will help you to format the invitation your way. You will be able to choose the color of the card as well as the wordings – the template would just make your work easier with a pre-structured backdrop.

Dappled Distinction Printable Wedding Invitation Template

Make a statement with this impressive invitation. Classic yet updated, your wedding is beautifully announced with a blend of fonts that create a sophisticated effect. All the text is fully editable and assorted fonts in a generous palette of colors are easy to access. Professional printing on wedding-quality paper is available.

Design Your Own Bridal Shower Invitation Template

Bridal Shower Free Online Invitation Template Online

Classy Modern Wedding Invitation Template PSD Download

Pretty Floral Modern Stylish Wedding Invitation Template Download

Retro Vintage Wedding Invitation Template Free Vector

Wedding Ticket Invitation Template


Free Blank Wedding Invitation Template


Free Beach Wedding Invitation Template


Free Wedding Dinner Party Invitation Template


Free Wedding Thank You Invitation Template


Free Wedding Party Invitation Template


Free Email Wedding Invitation Template


Free Elegant Overlay Wedding Invitation Template


Colorful Background Wedding Invitation Template Download

Colorful Wedding Invitation Template For Download

Designed Wedding Invitation Template Download

Elegant Wedding Invitation Template For Download

Dark Background Wedding Invitation Template For Download

Vintage Wedding Invitation Template For Download

Professional Wedding Invitation Template For Download

Easy To Edit Wedding Inviatation Template For Download

Beautiful Wedding Invitation Template Download

Hand Painted Wedding Invitation Template For Download

Simple Wedding Invitation Template For Download

Wedding Invitation Template For Download

Kissing Couple Theme Wedding Invitation Template Download

Corporarte Wedding Invitation Template For Download

Easy To Edit Wedding Invitation Template For Download

Wedding Invitattion Template For Instant Download

Perfectly Themed Wedding Invitation Template For Download

Printable Wedding Invitation Template For Download

Attractive Wedding Invitation Template For Download

Marriage Theme Wedding Invitation Template For Download

Floral Background Wedding Invitation Template For Download

Blue Background Wedding Invitation Template For Download

Simple And Clear Wedding Invitation Template For Download

Unique Wedding Invitation Template For Download

Floral Wedding Background Template For Download

Colorfuly Designed Wedding Invitation Template For Download

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