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Promissory Notes – 112+ Free Word, Excel, PDF Format Download

Promissory Notes are legal documents that describe the terms and condition governing loan deals. Every promissory note binds a lender and a borrower, and the deal is often legally binding. Because defaulting payments by some borrowers has become a common “virus”, trusting a borrower, unless otherwise, is somewhat difficult. This explains why excel or word promissory notes have become quote popular. They are security measures, clear proofs that a payment was made and must be refunded within an agreed time.

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Promissory Note Texas

Promissory note Texas is a promissory note that is designed to reflect   the Texas Business & Commerce Code and other applicable law in Texas that include that no other undertaking should be included in the note other than payment of money. The document, written in excel or word and, at times, saved in PDF format, indicates the names of the parties in the loan contract, the amount of loan, the due date, the signature of the borrower and if interest is imposed, it must not exceed six percent per year. (8+ Promissory Note Texas)

General Promissory Note

A general promissory note is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions that are within the jurisdiction of a borrower and a lender. Borrowers, however, should first consider the repayment period of the loan or debt, the interest rate and the collateral available before signing the vital document. Get free pdf, word or excel promissory note template, and use it to write your terms and conditions of service. (8+ General Promissory Note)

Loan Promissory Note

Get PDF, excel and word promissory note template for free. Sealing a deal with a handshake is not enough especially when you are lending someone lump sum money. It is advisable to protect yourself by signing a loan promissory note. This legal document will record the terms and conditions of the loan agreement. It is a written evidence stating debt amount, the terms under which it will be repaid, repayment schedule and interest. It is the safest way of performing any financial transaction with either the bank, family or friends. (10+ Loan Promissory Note)

Student Loan Promissory Note

A student loan promissory note is a legal, financial and contractual document prepared for students in a bid to confirm their willingness to pay back loan facilities they are granted to finance their studies. The pdf, word or excel document highlights the terms of the loan facility that include the payback date, whether or not an interest is imposed, loan amount and payback amount, the signature of the borrower. (10+ Student Loan Promissory Note)

International Promissory Note Word

An international promissory note excel is a legal, internationally recognized and accepted document used to by debtors to guarantee their intentions of payment to their creditors. The PDF document drawn to indicate the payment date, the exact amount to be paid, the currency, the mode of payment, the place of payment and the signature of the drawer that enforces the note. (8+ International Promissory Note Word)

Assignment of Promissory Note

Assignment of promissory noteis an act of making an agreement between a lender and a borrower. The promissory note, written in word or excel, and, sometimes, converted to PDF document, is a legally binding document. Both parties, the lender and borrower, must sign this agreement. Download free template to help you write the template quickly. (8+ Assignment of Promissory Note)

Secured Promissory Note

If you are intending to borrow from a bank, you must have a property whose value equals to or above the amount you wish to acquire. This is what you will mention as collateral in your secured promissory note.  For higher value items, only attach parts that match up to the amount. Use pdf, word or excel template to help you write this note. Download for free. (8+ Secured Promissory Note)

Mortgage Promissory Note

Financial institutions rely credit bureaus, which keep all records of a person’s borrowing history, to tell them whether  to offer loans to the individual or not. When you sign a mortgage promissory note, usually written in word, pdf or excel format, the bureau also checks the frequency with which you make deposits.  To get high rating, make payments promptly. (6+Mortgage Promissory Note)

Promissory Note Form

A promissory note form word or excel is a legal financial document upon which parties in a financial credit contract fill in the terms of their contract. The excel form has space for the description of the borrower, the borrower commitment to pay back the loan in a specified future date or upon the demand of the creditor, the applicable interest and every other crucial information. (8+ Promissory Note Form)

Convertible Promissory Note

Many startup companies choose to sell convertible promissory notes because of they give more ease in structuring as compared to drawing up of shares pdf, word or excel documents. Moreover, these instruments help to burden of shareholders for some time before their maturity date reaches, during which the entrepreneur can make major decisions alone. (8+ Convertible Promissory Note)

Blank Promissory Note

Businesses offering goods on credit face risks if they don’t demand promissory notes.  It however gets tiresome to draft a fresh note whenever something is sold. For fast moving items, blank notes are the most appropriate for use; they not only save time, but also are also easy to track and analyze. Download a blank pdf, word or excel promissory note for free today. (8+ Blank Promissory Note)

Negotiable Promissory Note

A negotiable promissory note word is a legal document that shows an unconditional promise made in writing by an individual to another to pay on demand. The pdf or excel document is used in securing real estate transactions. The endorser writes his or her name on the back of the note to assume liability. (8+ Negotiable Promissory Note)

Master Promissory Note

Unlike the regular promissory pdf, word or excel notes, which are used for one-time payment commitments, a master promissory note signed when the lender or borrower wishes to do payments in phases. This means that the two parties involved will not have to draft fresh notes upon every disbursement; the single document will cater for all these. (8+ Master Promissory Note)

Note Template for Personal Loan

Some banks have a specific way in which they want their promissory notes written and so they will provide borrowers with guidance while writing theirs. If your bank doesn’t, find note templates for personal loan online. They are available in word, pdf and excel formats. Ensure that you only get one from a reputable business site to avoid errors. (6+ Note Template for Personal Loan)

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