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14+ Financial Proposal Templates – Word, PDF, Apple Pages, Google Docs

The budget makes up a big chunk of any project. It is one of the most important aspects of getting the project done. Money is used in purchasing the needed resources. This allows the project to be completed before or on its target date of completion. Business sponsorships proposal templates can also be of great use to help you make the right kind of proposals needed for your business and its sponsorship.

25+ Financial Proposal Templates - Download Now Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC), Google Docs, Apple (MAC) Pages

However, in every project, it cannot be avoided that some changes have to be made along the way. This affects the budget of the whole project. To guide you in writing financial proposals, take some examples from these templates.

Financial Proposal Template

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Size: A4, US


Financial Consulting Proposal Template

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  • Google Docs
  • MS Word
  • Pages


Financial Investment Proposal Template

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  • Google Docs
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  • Pages


Financial Advisor Proposal Template

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If you are seeking considerable capital infusion into your business through loans or sales of equity, then make good use of this above-mentioned sample proposal outline template in attracting individuals or entities in providing you the money for your project or expansion. Get a complete proposal highlighting the specific amount of money needed, how it will be used, revenue or returns from the venture, and any type of collateral or security that will be given.

Financial Funding Proposal Template

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Size: A4, US


Free Financial Proposal Template

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  • MS Word


Obtain the funds needed to start your desired business by presenting an effective financial funding proposal to credible financial institutions. This proposal template has useful content with an editable outline you will not have a hard time working on. This template is professionally-designed and follows generally accepted funding proposal document standards required by most financial institutions. All you have to do is download the template, edit and customize it to suit your needs as you like. Loan proposal templates will be of great help in creating the perfect loan proposal needed for your organization or for personal use. 

Financial Proposal Form

A financial proposal is written to present some changes in the simple budget and the time needed for the changes to be made. It is a breakdown of the financial needs of the project. It also details the changes that have to be made and how these will be done. This is written by someone who knows the ins and outs of budgeting and finance.

Standard Financial Proposal

Simple Financial Proposal

How to Write a Financial Proposal:

Writing a financial proposal is not an easy thing to do. It needs a lot of concentration and transparency since it mainly tackles with finances and budgets. It has to be given a lot of thought and should be written as carefully as possible. Funding proposal templates can be of great use to you. These are the steps to writing a financial proposal.

1. Write an Overview

First things first, you have to write an overview of the financial situation of the company. This will give the investors an idea of what is happening and will make them think of solutions in advance. If the issue has been recurring for quite some time, the financial history needs to be included in the overview. This is a good step in quickly determining what to do since the situation has happened many times before. The solution to these problems should lead to a list of smart goals that should be achieved.

2. Goals and Objectives

The problem has been determined in the overview. The next part is the list of goals or changes that your budget needs. Be realistic and specific in writing the goals. It also includes how you are going to achieve each of them. It may be cutting a fraction of the company’s expenses and using it for more important purchases or paying up bank loans to remove liabilities. The goals should be achievable by any means and should be based on your overview. Anything that deviates from the overview becomes questionable. You may also see proposal templates in excel.

3. List the Employees Involved

List down the people who are qualified to do the financial restructuring of your budget. These people should have wide experience in handling financial matters. For example, the accounting department is tasked to handle the job. The effectiveness and overall structure of the financial proposal are in their hands. The sample schedule of the financial proposal has to be made as well for the changes to be made in a shorter time than expected.

4. Budget

Write down the budgeting and pricing section of the proposal. This will discuss the fees and charges to be paid to be able to make the changes. An expert may handle the budget, so it won’t go overboard. There are many proposal templates in Word available that ould be of great help to you in case you want to create word documents for your financial proposals.

5. Detailed Proposal

After all the previous steps mentioned above are done, it’s time to create a detailed financial proposal. You can also check proposal templates in Apple Pages in case you are using an Apple device. Put in all the information investors have to read about your business. These include:

a) Background

The company’s background includes the name of its founders, how it was developed and the milestones it achieved, and how it got its reputation and went to its present state and position. It also covers how many employees the company has and its other branches, if there are any.

b) Management Team

The people managing the business comes next to the background. Name the heads of each department and their responsibilities to the company. If possible, give the investors an organizational chart for more context on this part. Marketing proposal templates can be used to create the right kind of proposals for your marketing and management team.

c) Products and Services

You have to list down the products and service your company currently offers. The pricing and the customer it targets should be put in as well. Write about how your product can be used and applied in several ways. Sponsorship proposal examples can also be of great help to make your job easier in creating the perfect proposal for your sponsorship deals.

d) The Market

The market for your product includes its competition with other products, the target consumers of it, and its development and growth. It also includes your shares of the profit. Accounting proposal templates can be used to make the right budgets for your organization.

e) The Production and Supply Process

The production process covers a number of matters. First, it includes the number of employees and their wages, either on an hourly or monthly basis. Second, the facilities that you have been using to make the products. That includes the location, ownership, the size of the facility, the equipment, and the length and terms of its lease. Third, the costing and purchasing aspect and who controls it. Lastly is the supplier and how it is done. It also includes the annual average orders and by what means it is delivered.

f) The Financial Performance

How the product performs in the market is an important factor. Write down its performance in the market, such as its profits and losses, its percentage of sales, and the cash flow statement.

g) Appendices

The appendices are an additional tie-in to the proposal that supports all the parts. This includes a set of references and commendations, the product literature, a more detailed description of the building, facilities used, profit and loss cash flow projections, and the accountant’s financial reports.

Business Financial Proposal Template

Creating Financial Proposal

Presenting Your Proposal:

The written proposal is only half of the actual work to be done. Presenting it is another story. It needs a strong buildup of confidence. These steps help present a proposal.

1) Be Prepared

Write everything you need to write about. Gather what you need to gather. Make the presentation as early as you can. Get enough sleep. In situations like this, gear yourself up for a meeting that could spell the fate of your proposal. Prepare yourself well enough to withstand whatever might happen. Proposal samples will help you create the right kind of proposal that you need.

2) Start Early

And by early, it means handing the proposal a few months before the changes have to be made. It usually takes a long time before all the changes will be done by then. The time needed will carry out what you put in the proposal if it gets approved. You may also see IT proposal templates for more details.

3) Research Possible Investors

Look for possible investors in your proposal. It’s good to conduct prior research about the investors before going to a meeting. Know their profiles and their track record. Do not limit yourself to one person. Gather a few people to scrutinize your proposal.

4) Set a Schedule for a Meeting

Everyone has to be available when you set the schedule for a meeting. Set a time that’s convenient for everybody. Remember not to waste any of the investors’ time and effort for that big day.

5) Summarize Your Proposal

In presenting the proposal, give the investors the gist of your proposal. Go straight to the point. Give less than five points in your proposal that will surely get their attention. Read up on your proposal to understand all the parts of it. Business proposal templates can be of great help to your organization while creating proposals related to business.

6) Answer Questions Confidently

It’s natural for investors to ask questions regarding your proposal. Answer them with confidence. Study your proposal well and anticipate questions that might be asked at the meeting. This will convince your investors that you have prepared well enough and increases the chances of getting your proposal approved.

7) Explain the Usage of Resources

Tell the investors how you intend to use the resources they would give you. Every detail has to be connected. They need a concrete idea of where their money goes before jumping into your proposal. Proposal templates in Google Docs can be of great help in case you want to create a document form as a proposal.

8) Take Note of All the Comments

Investors give you comments on how you presented your proposal and what they have understood from it as well, so make sure that you make a note of what they are saying without fail. This can help you in improving your proposal and get their opinion about it. Do not take any of the comments personally. Be professional in dealing with criticism as it is part of the process. Learn to take everything in moderation. Ask about the areas where you need improvement.

9) Thank the Investors

Never forget to thank the investors for their time and inputs at the meeting. Take their suggestions wholeheartedly and deal with them in your best positive attitude. In business, you need to get a lot of opinions and last-minute changes before it moves forward. Just go with the flow.

10) Never Expect a Quick Answer

Investors need time to think about your proposal. Do not expect them to answer quickly. Getting a yes or a no in business is a hard-earned reward that you get for working hard. Everything takes time. Sample proposal templates can be of great help to you to make the right kind of a proposal for your organization.

11) Accept the Result

Whatever the result of the meeting, accept it without holding any grudges. Just know that you worked hard enough to get their approval. If you get accepted, work hard in setting all your plans into motion. Also, take a look at cost proposal templates. Have the drive to work on your plans until the very end, if needed.

Financial Proposal Template

Financial Proposal Submittal Letter

Request for Financial Proposal

House Financial Proposal


The proposal is just the first step in the making of a whole business. In the case of a financial proposal, it’s the first step in changing some areas on the budget and how to make it work for the better. There are many proposal templates in PDF that can be of great help to you in creating a PDF format as a proposal if needed.

General FAQs

1. What is a Financial Proposal?

A financial proposal is a report that details the future of a business’s position in the market. It marks the needs and the funds of a firm. In an existing business, this could be a change to the budget that the firm already has, or it can be used for funding new projects.

2. How should a proposal be written?

A proposal is best written in the following way:

  • Clearly write the proposal letter so that it has all the details that the reader needs to understand
  • Avoid making any grammatical mistakes
  • Mention all the details
  • State the reason as to why you are writing the proposal
  • Keep the tone formal and polite

3. What is the use of a Financial Proposal?

A financial proposal is one of the best ways to keep a note of what was agreed upon while presenting your company to investors. It is not a promise or a commitment. If all accept it, the firm that offers the proposal must follow the terms and conditions without fail.

4. What should be in a Financial Proposal?

The following must be included in a financial proposal:

  • All the financial information about your products and services
  • The details of the past five financial years at least
  • Tax pays
  • Any debts and loans
  • Income and expenses
  • The number of funds, investors and other clients you have
  • Financial statements.

5. Who needs a Financial Proposal?

A financial proposal is used by – business entrepreneurs, financial advisors, auditors, and the list goes on. It can also be used by investors, clients of big companies, financial employees, accountants, etc. They use this to keep a check of an entity’s budgets, incomes, and expenditure.

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