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A legal witness statement is a written account of an incident in the own words of a witness and is usually required for supporting a legal action. It must be related to the circumstances of the case. Considering the complexities involved, using a witness statement template is suggested to present the facts in a proper manner.

Witness Statement Template


Witness Statement Template in Word


Editable Legal Statement Template


Sworn Statement Template in iPages


Contents of Witness Statement

Preparing a witness statement requires knowledge and expertise. An easier way is to make use of a witness statement template which is designed as per the directions and guidelines issued by authorities. It must contain the name of case, claim number, full name of witness and his contact details. You may also see Sample Mission Statement Templates.

The content should be presented clearly using numbered pages and numbered paragraphs. In the end, it should be signed and dated by the witness.

Blank Witness Statement Template Free Download

It is like a simple form of witnessing template that can offer effective results to you. In this type of template, you have to mention the learner’s name, about the task , assessment  criteria, and much moe. In the last section, you have to mention each and everything in detail along with the date and necessary details. It is an effective format , you can easily rely on it. You may also check out Capability Statement Templates.

Example Witness Statement Template Free Download

It is also in the form of basic template that comes under the heading of the statement of the witness. Under the same, you have to provide some basic information such as your personal details. Moving forwards as a witness you have to clearly mention about your statement and necessary details in it.. You may also see Statement Samples.

Sample Witness Statement Template Free Download

Again a simple format that helps you in getting the desired results . It will reduce the chances of mistakes as there is a lot of space to mention each and important information. Mention each personal and basic details reacted to the statement. It is really easy to use it as it contains several helpful options that can serve good results. You may also see Statement Templates Download.


It is specially made for the bullying witness statement template. Under this, you have to mention basic information about the witness, the accused name and victim name as well along with the information of the incident. It is an effective piece of paper that will reduce the crime and bullying incident in the country. It there is any evidence of the same then you should surely attach the same to it.

Free Download Witness Statement Template

Witness Statement Template Free Download

Why use Templates for Witness Statement?

Plenty of templates are available online these days; however not all are able to provide required quality and accuracy. An ideal witness statement template has: You may also see Legal Statement Templates.

  1. Easy to read font
  2. Proper layout
  3. Auto numbering option
  4. Instructions to complete the document

So select and download a professionally designed template for quality results. In case you require more information or clarity about witness statement then legal help should be taken.  You may also see Income Statement Templates.

We have collected wide range of Witness Statement Templates, hope these templates will help you.

Out of all the templates, above are the best witness template that will be easy to handle and effective as well. You just search for them on the internet and there you will surely get a chance yo get the effective one.

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