37+ Photoshop Hair Texture Brushes – PSD, AI, Vector, EPS

Hair strands are undesirable when it comes to the daily hygiene but they often make for great website accessories. The patterns and textures concerning hair designs come in plenty and render an authentic and classy look to the webpages. Using Photoshop hair brushes is an added plus as it allows flexibility to the users in addition to the varied designs and graphic sets. You may also see Skin Brushes. Be it the locks or the open tresses, these brushes showcase every trend with a modern outlook. Professionals often include free brush sets into the mix as they have restricted features which are customer oriented. Premium options are also available and Blood Splatter Photoshop Brushes make the backbone of the same.

hair brushes for ps and ai

Easy Hair Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

easy hair brushes for adobe illustrator

Mustaches and Lips Photoshop Brushes

mustaches and lips photoshop brushess

Mustaches and Lips Photoshop Brushes are available in a variety of color combinations depending upon the website designs. These Brushes are available in a set of 24 within an ABR file which flawlessly works with Photoshop CS. These Photoshop Hair Texture Brushes have 300 dpi resolution and 2500 pixels wide.

Hair Brushes II

hair brushes ii

Hair Retouching Brushes

hair retouching brushes

Hair brush set

hair brush set

This Hair Brush Set comes in a set of five variations and provided with an ABR file. It flawlessly works when it is combined with one or more of the set. This brush set can be custom made in several variations to suit website designing needs.

Skin and Hair Texture Brushes

skin and hair texture brushes

Hair Brushes III

hair brushes iii

hair brush

hair brush

Hair and Fur Brushes

hair and fur brushes

My Brush Pack

my brush pack

Hair Brushes Set 5

hair brushes set

This 5 Hair Brushes Set is designed in such a way that it is compatible with Photoshop CS. It comes in a set of 5 files and generally in black and white color combinations. But it can be custom made in various colors and textures as per specific requirements.

Hair Brushes

hair brushes

Fuzzies Brushes

fuzzies brushes

Photoshop HAIR brushes pack 01

photoshop hair brushes pack 0

Hair brushes by Lugubrum-stock

hair brushes by lugubrum stock

hair brush

hair brush

Hair style brushes

hair style brushes

Hair Smudge Brushes

hair smudge brushes

These Hair Smudge Brushes are ideal to be used in various prints as well as off site requirements. These Brushes consist of 5 set of files and tested for optimum smudging of hair as well. These Photoshop Hair Texture Brushes can work impeccably on Photoshop 7 version.

Hair Brushes 3

hair brushes

17 Professional Hair Retouch Brushes

professional hair retouch brushes

These 17 Easy Hair Brushes are widely used for creating grey scale, monochrome, and colored as well as realistic styled vector hair. These brushes are also used for designing silhouetted hair, black and white hair as well. It can be used with pencil tool, line segment tool, pen tool, and paintbrush tool as per requirements.

Hair Photoshop Brushes

hair photoshop brushes

Hair Photoshop and GIMP Brushes, as its name suggest, can work on various types of platforms like CS-CS6, CC, Photoshop 7, and GIMP 2.2.6+ versions. These brushes made of different types of hair that includes bangs, braids, curly, ponytails, wavy, straight etc.


stock photoshop brushes hair

Hair Brushes

hair brushes

hair brushes

hair brushes

Hair Brushes Set 6

hair brushes set

Hair Strands

hair strands

Hair Brushes Set 1

hair brushes set

Photoshop Hair Brushes

photoshop hair brushes

RezKhan Brushes 2013


Hair Brushes I by flordelys-stock

hair brushes i

hair brush

hair brush

Hair Brushes Stock 2

hair brushes stock

Female Hair Brushes Pack

female hair brushes pack


flowing hair pieces

Hair Brushes CS+

hair brushes cs

8 Smooth Flow of Hair Photoshop Brushes

smooth flow of hair photoshop brushes

10 Hair brushes

0 hair brushes

Fantasy Hair Brushes

fantasy hair brushes

hair brush

hair brush


photoshop hair brushes pack 0

Toggling between the wavy hairs or the straighter ones is made easy with these innovative brush sets featuring varied textures and configurable patterns. Most of these sets can be customized depending upon the requirements and scaling them down keeps the integrity and appeal intact. Colors can also be chosen depending upon the vibrancy quotient of the website as all the top class brush sets are loaded with an extended color palette. Best in Floral Photoshop Brushes are included and on choosing the most suited brush set it’s seamlessly easy to design customer targeted websites. If you want to design an eye-catching website then these texture brushes can enhance its look as these are available in a plenty of designs and textures. These brushes can be custom made in quite a lot of authentic and classy look which added uniqueness to the designs.