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17+ Essential Fonts for Every Designer

Fonts play an essential role in a designer’s profession. They send out the message clearly not just in actual text but through design. Font designs have to power to either give more emphasis to the message and reach out the reader in a more personal way, or detach itself from the receiver of the message. Either way, they can make or break your design.

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This is why it’s extremely important to be prepared with a diverse set of fonts in your digital design kit to have an array of font style options to choose from. We’re giving you some of the most relevant font designs every designer should have. They have so much variety and can solve any type of design dilemma you’ve got going on, or are about to have. Start scrolling!


Clean and straightforward, the Helvetica font is the most basic type of font every designer should have stored in his or her font kit. This font is most suitable for direct information dissemination with no unnecessary flairs whatsoever.


The Clarendon FS font exudes a very classical and old-fashioned typeface with a subtle vintage quality to it. If you want to be clear yet mysterious in your text, use this font as a supplementary design element in bringing out a vintage theme.

This script font is very dainty and feminine, and would look good on elegant themes and designs for wedding invites or other party paraphernalia like thank you cards, posters, and banners.


This is an incredibly useful font for infographic designers. It’s clean, clear, and distinct enough to be read and understood easily, especially when it comes to relevant messages, data, or statistics. It’s also a good supplementary design element because it’s not too dominating nor is it too dull.


If you want a retro font style to better emphasize your retro-themed shirt design, then this shirt font style is the font to use. It’s got a distinct character that’s indistinguishable from any other font, and its preset styles give you variety for your designs.

Modern Calligraphy

This Modern Calligraphy has more complexity in its design while still maintaining elegance and sophistication. It’s the perfect font to use for classy and formal events or documents to bring out a luxurious and sophisticated mood.


Simple and concise, this font style is best used for the more direct and clear-cut text and designs.

Caringan Typeface

This typeface has a unique character of its own. It’s bold, daring, and incredibly notable on any surface, document, or digital presentation. This can be one movie poster font if you’re up to designing a circus-inspired or vintage-themed movie poster.


You can use the Troika font when designing for the more comical and outlandish looks to better bring out its quirky quality. This font is appropriate for usage on multiple platforms like jungle-themed party flyers, adventure movie posters, or the brand name of a shop for children’s toys.

Display Font

A romantic cursive calligraphy-type of font style, this font is a wonderful design tool for the wistful and mysterious. You can use this Display Font for dreamy-looking invites, art cards, wall art typography, or video advertisements.


The Bodoni font presents more classy elegance in an overall traditional font style, and is of great use in book summaries, university brochures, or corporate catalogs because of its professional and modern finish.

Brush Font

Charming in its own way, this Brush Font contains a bit of complexity and inconsistency in its overall style that can be taken as a defining characteristic to add more life into a creative project. It’s quirky and refreshing and is appropriate for the more creative and modern looks.
Completely urban and avante-garde, this font style is the font to use for the risk-takers and the more artistic designers. The Otto font style has a futuristic and sleek aura that is a statement piece all on its own. It’s the ideal choice for the more urban minimalist designs.

Mayland Font

The Mayland font is a post-modern design that fits into the more youthful settings. You can use this font for your more playful and artistic pieces.

Handwritten Font

This Handwritten Font has a faded chalk-like quality that makes it more real and intricate. It’s the perfect design tool for more personal pieces like personal greeting cards, intimate dinner parties, and art typography walls.

No matter the theme or purpose of design, you’re sure to have all the font styles you need with our list of essential fonts for the designer. Don’t hesitate to collect all the fonts we’ve prepared for you to be loaded with a full set of font styles for any occasion.

From delicate to bold fonts, make use of the appropriate font for your every design because it brings the whole look

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