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10+ Creepy Horror Fonts

Fonts, aside from their obvious aesthetic function, are important in complementing moods and thoughts in design. Halloween cards and horror movie posters need creepy horror typefaces in order to set the right expectation to the audience. Jagged lines, sharp edges and shapes that resemble dripping blood are the usual kind found in those printed works.

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Although the aforementioned paraphernalia are not the only ones that make use of horror fonts, rock bands are known to use font styles such as Grunge Fonts in their album covers, fan shirt designs, and concert memorabilia, proving the versatility of fonts usually classified as horror.

Vintage Horror Font


Photoshop Horror Font


Horror Writing Font


Fancy Horror Font


Horror Letters Font


Dark and Scary Undertone

The good thing about a creepy typeface is that it can be used for purposes other than setting a scary mood; and more than that, it communicates to people that they should be prepared for something delightfully fearful to happen next.

Even children’s movies such as Coraline and The Nightmare Before Christmas set the expectation that the movies are dark and scary because of the artworks complemented by the creepy fonts they use in the poster. Although the movies are memorable on their own, the typeface usage impacts the visual recognition, should a fan decide to purchase a DVD for their collection.

Why Do We Like Horror Fonts?

Because it is versatile. The versatility of said fonts can be found in local bookstores as well. Book covers in the mystery, thriller, and suspense genre make use of horror fonts in order to evoke fear in the reader before the pages are even turned. You know that a book is going to send shivers down your spine if it has a scary font on its covers.

However, if fear is not your favorite emotion, you can go ahead and try Scribble Fonts for a more feel-good vibe, since everyone—probably even zombies—craves delightful and positive moods every once in a while.

Gothic Horror Font


Horror Flick Font


Horror Blood Font


Fonts: A Formidable Ally

The typefaces presented can perfectly strike terror, and sometimes, simple Bold Fonts make just as much impact in conveying moods. The written word is powerful, and a formidable ally, such as a good font, could make it even more significant. A font such as Scratchy Horror Font could easily be used to imitate a possessed child’s eerie drawing.

Another font, Another Danger in Horror Blood Font, resembles brushstrokes that, when used with a bright red color, could easily be insinuated that blood was used as the paint. A masterful combination of the fonts would create a texture unique experience in itself, and the potential is endless with the sky and your creativity as the limit.

Send Out a Scary Message

The best part about using creepy horror fonts is that you get to communicate a scary message with only a word or two, the same way memorable horror films only have a few words to their titles such as The Ring, The Grudge, and The Eye. If horror fonts are too fearful and scary, there are a lot of other downloadable fonts that are upbeat, lively, and happy. Designers and nondesigners alike can benefit from learning a thing or two about fonts and their usage. There are also other fonts, suitable for any occasions and events, that are available on our website.

Scratchy Horror Font


Tenebrae Horror Font


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