21+ Best Script Fonts

Script fonts are Cool Fonts which are based on real handwriting. These can impart a personal touch to designs and typographies. Therefore, these are handy resources in designing wedding invitations, flyers, postcards, etc. Numerous pre-designed script fonts are available over the net. The plethora of choices at your disposal may leave you bewildered as to which one you should choose. We have picked some of the best script fonts out there for you.

script font

Humble Hearts Script Font

humble hearts script fontThis unique and hand lettered mono Script Font includes glyphs, alternate ligatures, and swashes. Priced at $12, this font well suits t-shirts, logos, menus, wedding stationery, etc.

Aerokids Script Font

aerokids script fontAvailable for $18, this bold connected script called the Aerokids has a dramatic movement and clear style. It includes lower cases, uppercases, punctuations, numbers and numerous variations on individual characters.

Glorified Script Font

glorified script fontAvailable for $18, this bold connected script called the Aerokids has a dramatic movement and clear style. It includes lower cases, uppercases, punctuations, numbers and numerous variations on individual characters.

Kite Script Font

kite script fontThis script blends thick-thin lines, loose-tight kerning, inconsistent height, and unique baseline combinations. Priced at $17, this script suits wedding invitations, fancy logos, t-shirts, quote writings, etc.

Chocolate Heart Script Font

chocolate heart script fontThis unique style modern calligraphy costs $14. It includes multilingual characters, standard ligatures, stylistic set, combination alternative ligatures, and open type fonts. It suits weddings, events, logos, stickers, badges, etc.

Twilight Script Font

twilight script fontThis dry hand-brushed font includes uppercases, lower cases, punctuation glyphs, numbers, stylistic alternates, and multilingual characters. Costing $13, it suits greeting cards, merchandise, posters, headers, product packaging, handwritten quotes, logos, etc.

Jeumpa Script Font

jeumpa script fontThis lovely modern font blends classic typeface with modern style. It includes initial and terminal contextual swashes, stylistic alternates, and discretionary ligatures. This font costs $11.

Dope Script Font

dope script fontThis hand-made paint brush typeface is rough at the edges, has loads of personality, and costs $14. It includes uppercases, lower cases, numbers, currency, accents, swashes, and punctuations.

Advertising Script Font Family

advertising script font familyThis handmade vintage brush typeface is great for display, food packaging, period advertising, and logo designs. The complete version includes open type ligatures that offer alternates, swashes, and ligatures.

Lobster Script Font

lobster script fontDownload

Regular Script Font

regular script fontThis handwritten script font costing $11 is available in bold, italic, and regular versions. It includes all kinds of special characters and suits various projects.

Beautiful Mess Script Font

beautiful mess script fontThe Beautiful Mess is a slightly messy, yet lovely handwritten script font. It comes for free for personal use. It includes 357 characters including Latin and extended Latin characters.

Free Handlettered Brush Script Font

free handlettered brush script fontDownload

Maxine Script Font

maxine script font

Queen of Heaven Script Font

queen of heaven script fontDownload

Moonface Script Font

moonface script fontThe Moonface Script font is a flowing script with beautiful swashes that impart a characteristic retro feel to the text. It costs $11. It includes ligatures, swashes, alternatives, and special characters.

Dancing Script Font Family

dancing script font familyThe Dancing script font is a freely downloadable typeface from the 1950s. It imparts an informal, friendly, and spontaneous appearance; hence, it ideally suits party flyers, invitations, birthday cards, etc.

Watermelon Script Font

watermelon script fontDownload

Dark Larch Script Font

dark larch script fontAvailable for personal use alone, the Dark Larch script font includes uppercases, lower cases, numbers, symbols, swashes, and alternates. This beautiful font can be used for a variety of purposes.

Our collection of Best Fonts can be downloaded and put to a variety of creative uses. Some of these are also fanciful fonts, brush fonts, casual fonts, and calligraphic fonts. Based on their look, each of these can be used for specific purposes. These are sure to impart a personal touch to your digital or printed material.

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