18+ Amazing Fancy Fonts

Fancy fonts add a fancy touch to your texts. These have a timeless appeal and come in a wide variety of styles and designs. There are the cursive styles, the vintage styles, the pop-up 3D styles, the decorative styles, the shadowy styles, the slanted styles, the scribbled handwritten styles, and more. These can be downloaded online and used in your different projects. Here is a beautiful collection of Fanciful Free Fonts for you to choose from.

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Aduhay Script Font

aduhay script fontThis handmade painted font is great for headlines, Wedding Invitations, t-shirts, apparels, and logotypes. It costs $12 for the item price and buyer fee. It includes uppercases, lowercases, alternate front, and alternate back.

Hugs and Kisses Xoxo Demo Font

hugs and kisses xoxo demo fontThis freely downloadable fancy font can be used for personal purposes and charity/non-profit usage. It is a beautiful romantic-looking font which can be used for a variety of creative purposes.

Gulliver Font

gullever fontAvailable for $20, Gulliver font is a beautiful looking font with soft curves and lines. It perfectly suits product logos, Invitation Cards, food brand logos, etc. It includes swashes and standard ligatures.

Hayuk Script Font

hayuk script fontThis handmade painted font is great for headlines, wedding invitations, t-shirts, apparels, and logotypes. It costs $12 for the item price and buyer fee. It includes a normal form and open type combinations.

Twinpines Font

twinpines fontThis freely downloadable fancy font is available for non-commercial use only. It bears the appearance of hand-drawn letters using a paint brush. It has uppercases alone.

Fancy Spring Tattoo Font

fancy spring tattoo fontEntwined with creepers and twines, the Fancy spring tattoo font bears the touch of the spring season. It is freely downloadable for personal use.

Heloiset Calligraphy Font

heloiset calligraphy fontThis font has its letterforms flow down the page with a bouncing baseline. It ideally suits scrapbooking, invitations, etc. Available for $12, this font does not include foreign alphabets and alternates.

Fancy Assassin Alphabet Font

fancy assassin alphabet fontThe Fancy Assassin Alphabet Font is great for all font lovers. It is freely downloadable. It includes uppercases, lower cases, numbers, symbols, alternates and foreign alphabets.

Chromount Fancy Typeface

chromount fancy typefaceThis handcrafted fancy font ideally fits logos, stationery, etc. It is available for $15. It includes uppercases, lower cases, numbers, swashes, stylistic alternates, swash alternates, ligatures, and punctuations.

Fancy Lovers Quarrel Font

fancy lovers quarrel fontThis ornate calligraphic script includes lovely embellished uppercases and neat and legible lower cases. It is freely downloadable for commercial use. This font supports Latin script and its variants.

Strawberry Whipped Cream Font

strawberry whipped cream fontDownload

Magenta Script Font

magenta script fontThe Magenta Script Font is an elegant font which includes 660 characters belonging to stylistic sets, stylistic alternates and ligatures. It is available for purchase at $15.

Fancy Eutemia I Font

fancy eutemia i font

Hello Lary Calligraphy Font

hello lary calligraphy fontThis beautiful handmade font costs $12. It is great for modern invitations, logos, branding, modern advertising, blog designs, home decors, art quotes, special events, book/cover titles, t-shirts, pillows, custom mugs, etc.

Island Style Brushed Font

island style brushed fontAvailable for $16, the Island Style Brushed Font perfectly suits merchandise, prints, branding, quote, websites, etc. It includes alternate lower case characters, double letter ligatures, and stylistic lower alternates.

Blessed Day Font Download

blessed day font downloadDownload

Jibriel Tattoo Typeface Font

jibriel tattoo typeface font