18+ Best Free Magazine & Book Cover Fonts for Download

Magazine Cover Fonts, Fashion Magazine Fonts, Popular Magazine Fonts Magazines have a variety of fonts used at various places in order to attract public attention. The best magazine fonts can be created by using a host of online tools which give you a number of options regarding the morphing, editing and simplifying of the already chosen font. You can also make your own common magazine font, add your own designs and customize the look of each character or word based on your preferences, simply by using the tools which are available in online as well as offline mediums. Good magazine fonts can then be applied at various places in your own magazine, publication, ebook or any other online place that you might choose or you can also take a print out of the write up and use the bazaar magazine font physically at various places in your house or your projects.

best magazine fonts

Free simple Magazine fonts can be customized and designed in various colors, shades and textures and the overall effect can also be edited using the softwares. You can create your own fonts by manipulating the various parameters or you can also choose fonts that are displayed or created by the software itself. You can also merge or combine the effects of two or more fonts to create a unique and different font, having all the desirable features. Finally, the smashing magazine fonts can be applied as bold headings in the magazines, as highlighting material in ads, as simple yet attractive text or simply to grab the user’s attention and divert it towards a piece or an article. See more : Calligraphy Tattoo Fonts

Arturo Font

arturo font

The Arturo font is one of the best magazine fonts that money can buy. For $ 39, this font is extremely cheap as it provides extra level of classiness to the articles which uses this font.

Stubborn Faith Script

stubborn faith script

The stubborn faith script is a stylish font that can be used to provide more emphasis to some of the hard hitting articles that are written in the popular magazines.

Everlie Font

everlie handwritten font

The Everlie font is a simple font that can be used as a magazine font that provides a personal touch to the articles. The font is designed in such a way that it looks like someone has hand written the articles.

Kaiju Font

kaiju font on behance

The Kaiju font is one of the most popular magazine fonts in Japanese and the revamped typeface that is created, brings a lot of professionalism and classiness to the articles.

Metrix Display Font

metrix display font

The Begade Open type font is a simple font that can be used as one of the best magazine fonts. The words and the alphabets look real good in this font for which it is so much popular.

Begade OpenType Font

begade opentype font

QG Font


Yeti Font




Monsters Font

monsters font

Benjamin Franklin

benjamin franklin

Code Pro

code pro

Kimble Font

kimble font

Milkman Family

milkman family

The Amazing Spider man Free Font

spider man



Bangers Free Font


Summer Time Free Font

summer time