46+ Amazing Serif Fonts for Free Download

If you’re looking for a blend of the reliable and the stylish, a good collection of the very best premium and free serif fonts for download should always be in your collection. While most of the major fonts are specialised to perform different functions like headlines, body copy or captions, some of the fonts belonging to the same family work well together.

Erora Serif Font

  • Erora_Serif Font

Guava Serif Font

  • Guava_Serif Font

PaperCute Serif Font

  • PaperCute

Pontiac Serif Font

  • Pontiac

Canberra FY Book Serif Font

  • Canberra FY Book

Pleuf Pro Serif font

  • pleuf pro

Meeko FY Family Serif Font

  • Meeko FY Family

Rocking Bones Serif Font

  • Rocking Bones_Serif Font

Grazioso Custom Serif Font

  • Grazioso Custom _Serif Font

The Wallington Pro Serif Font

  • The Wallington Pro_Serif Font

Encorpada Classic 34 fonts Serif

  • Encorpada Classic - 34 fonts_Serif

Brave New Font Pack Serif

  • Brave New Font Pack_Serif

Piramid Serif Font

  • piramid font

Westcoast Font Pack Serif

  • Westcoast Font Pack_Serif

Aeterna Small Caps Old Style Figures Serif Font

  • Aeterna Small Caps Old Style Figures_Serif Font

Hilton Serif Font

  • Hilton_Serif Font

Quincy CF font Serif Font

  • quincy cf font

Siren CPC Serif Font

  • Siren CPC

Modena printed Serif Font

  • Modena_printed

St.Monique Typeface Srif Font

  • ST Monique Typeface

You’re Gone Font Family Serif Font

  • You're Gone Font Family_Serif Font

Apple Garamond

  • Apple Garamond


  • Assassin


  • Derivia

Hit the Road

  • Hit the Road


  • Barkentina

Big Ten Block

  • Big Ten Block


  • Bullpen


  • Centabel

Electric Pickle Bold

  • Electric Pickle Bold

Fine Style

  • Fine Style

Klein serif

  • Klein Slabserif


  • OldStyle

One Forty Seven

  • One Forty Seven


  • OptimusPrinceps


  • ParmaPetit

Romance Fatal Serif

  • Romance Fatal Serif

The Soul Of Vodka

  • The Soul Of Vodka


  • Timeless

TRTL Free Font

  • TRTL

Just Old Fashion

  • Just Old Fashion

Abril FatFace

  • AbrilFatface

Afta Serif

  • Afta-Serif

AlfaSlab One Regular

  • AlfaSlabOne-Regular

Fjord One

  • FjordOne-Regular


  • Garton

Something Fresh, Something Familiar

• It’s important to remember that each  best serif font is meant to perform a different function in writing content. The basic stress of all these sans serif fonts is on readability and familiarity.

• Many of these best serif fonts are extremely popular due to word processors, and searching sites that use search engines to find and list results, make especial use of sans serif fonts as popular content-creating formats.

• These slab serif fonts range from classical, gothic or neoclassical typesettings to modern, refined text formats. Popular texts circulated the world over have used some or the other serif fonts from time to time to create content.

• Some top serif fonts may be too heavy, or too ornate, for body copy. However, using them as captions or as display face, to attract the attention of casual users, can be very productive.

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