20 Best Web Fonts

When creating any sort of web content, it is important to be able to get your message across with as little effort as possible, to reduce cost and space.  Download the fonts  you use, should have immediate impact, and be able to adjust to the content that you are creating. Some of the most commonly used fonts TTF and OTF in your word processors can also double up as Free web fonts.You may also see funky fonts.

What You See is What You Get

  1. Depending on what you need to put across, simple basic web friendly fonts can work magic. Users are familiar with them and are able to relax when they find content in familiar fonts and formats You may also see flower fonts
  2. Some web safe fonts go very well with italicized writing and cursive styles. If you want to embellish your content and make it look stylish, it would be good to choose those.You may also see calligraphy font
  3. Some default web fonts are good for specialized content, and are particularly useful when one is designing theme-based content, where the text needs to blend in with and complement the rest of the web content.
  4. However, remember to not make it too fancy, because the readability can be affected, and put off prospective serious customers.

Junction Regular Web Font

junction regular web font

Droid Sans Font

droid sans font

Old Standard TT Web Font


PT Sans Font

pt sans font

BlackWidow Windows Font


Anivers Web Font


Futura Web Font


Brandon Grotesque

brandon grotesque

Sanchez Web Font


Sofia Pro Web Font

sofia pro

XXII Centar Web Font

xxii centar

Rosario Font


Bebas Neue Font

bebas neue

Chunk Five Web Font

chunk five

Prociono Web Font

prociono font

Stilts Web Display Font

stilts web display font

Aller Font

aller font1

Panjo Desktop & Web Font

panjo desktop web font

Paty Font

paty font

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