Church Resignation Letter Templates

Create Church Resignation Letter Using Templates from! Get Templates for a Pastor's Or Youth Pastor’s Formal Resignation from a Position with Personal Reason and Heartfelt and Thankful Remarks Or for Career Growth! Browse through and Choose from a Variety of Sample Templates! Download a Printable Sample Church Resignation Template Now for Free!See more

There's always an end to everything—even working in the church. So, if you've decided to leave your church job position, it's always good to tell your superior through a resignation letter. If you don't have one yet, then choose from this professionally written Church Resignation Letter Templates. These templates are printable and 100% editable. These have content already that you can modify. So, use a letter template to lessen your workload. What are you waiting for? Download one of these templates and tell the church that you're leaving. Have a pleasant journey ahead!

What Is a Church Resignation Letter?

A church resignation letter is a letter that a youth pastor, church pastor, a church volunteer, or a church employee writes to retire from his/her position or membership in the church.

How to Write a Church Resignation Letter?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that every month, around 3.5 million Americans leave their jobs. In reality, anyone can withdraw from his/her job when he/she feels it's the right thing to do. Even when you're working or volunteering in the church, you can resign as well. If that's your decision, you need to inform your superior through a resignation letter

So, here the steps that can help you write a good resignation letter to the church.

1. Give the Reason Why You're Leaving

No one resigns for no reason. So, in writing your simple letter, it's essential to tell your superior why you're resigning from your church membership or position. Your reason for leaving can vary. It may be because you want career growth or just due to personal reasons. 

2. State Your Last Day

Don't forget to tell the church when your last day is on the printable letter. This can help you and the church with transitioning. 

3. Thank the Church

Show your boss or superior how grateful you are with working within the church. Thank the church for all the things it made you learned and experienced in your personal letter. This will make them feel that you didn't leave the church empty-handed.

4. Don't Sound Bitter

Though not all, some people leave the church for negative reasons. Take note, never show on the sample letter that you are in bad terms with other members or you're not satisfied with your job. It's always best to stay polite and respectful to the church.

5. Use Formal Tone

Just like writing any business letter, a resignation letter has to sound formal, too. Don't be emotional in your letter. Sounding formal will show how respectful and professional you are as a person.


  • How do you say goodbye to a pastor?

      Tell the pastor how thankful you are that he shared with you God's messages. Share how he helped you change and improve your relationship with God and with others. Wish him heartfelt good wishes.

  • Can a deacon resign?

      Yes, he may and step down from his position as a deacon.

  • Is it okay to send a resignation letter by email?

      Yes, it's fine to send your resignation by email, especially if you're in a hurry and have no time to say it in person. However, saying it in person is better.

  • Can a resignation be declined?

      No, any employee has the right to resign, and as the boss, you shouldn't stop him/her, especially if the person gave you proper notice.

  • What happens if I resign without giving notice?

      The employees should give notice to their employers that they will resign. If they left without notice is a breach of contract. But this doesn't mean an employee can't do it, but he/she has to remember, it's a professional way to leave.