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What is a Church Brochure?

A church brochure is given out to people as a way of inviting them to attend a church or a way of promoting for funding services. Simple Brochures are effective channels to get to a larger audience.

How to Make an Effective Church Brochure?

Do you want to invite more people to your church? You can do that by using brochures since brochures are still effective until today. To make effective church brochures, here are some steps to follow:

1. Design

For your brochure, you need to set the layout first. Decide on what design and theme you want your brochure to have. Another thing, you can add some pictures of your church to put on your creative brochure. Images help the people visualize your church. You can be creative and unique with your design, but make sure to keep it presentable.

2. Church Information

Some people who read your brochure don't have any background about it, so it is essential to give some information. You don't have to put a whole paragraph to say your church history or what your church does. You can highlight some of the most important things about your church. Also, include your church contact number and address.

3. Vision and Mission

Every church has a vision and mission. You can provide a small section in your brochure for your mission and vision. Also, include the core values and spiritual gifts your church has. With this, people will know the primary purpose of why your church is around. Also, this will explain why your church is worth a visit.

4. Church Ministry

It is also essential to give people an idea about the ministries of your church. For a Christian church, for example, ministries are a part of their church. A Christian ministry can mean different things, it can mean to attend to someone's needs, can point to the prime works done in the church, or it can also be the charitable deeds done outside the church. Churches have children's ministry, a worship ministry, a small business group, and a youth group. Regardless of religion or belief, you have to include the essential activities your church does.

5. Church Schedule

For people to know when they can visit your church, you may put the schedules of your church. For a Christian church, there is this they call a church service or merely a service. This thing is the time when people hear the Word of God and be heartened to boost their faith. If you have a Christian church, include all the essential schedules of the services so that people can come. Give the schedules on when people can go and visit your church.

6. Call to Action

If you are inviting people to go to your church or you are promoting funding campaigns, you need to have a call to action. Use words that will surely grab the attention of the people reading. However, don't forget to keep it real. Don't use too flowery words that sound fake. Just be honest with your brochure. Once done with making your modern brochure, don't forget to review your work. Make sure that there are no errors.

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