A person’s religious faith can be essential to their spiritual fulfillment. Because of this reason, certain magazines cater to such needs. If you’re putting together a new publication of your own, then feel free to use our Church Magazine Templates to get started. Quickly and easily customize our samples in multiple applications, including Mac Pages and Adobe InDesign. So, download today—incorporate our professional templates for your publication’s covers, layouts, and more!

How to Make a Church Magazine

There are all kinds of magazines you can read, accommodating various specific topics (as explained by the Illinois Library, a US-based resource). Even churches have their place in the world of publicized media. There are articles covering fundraiser campaigns to influential religious figures.

Starting a church magazine is no easy task. That’s why we’ve prepared a few tips (below) to help you out.

1. Stay Updated on Churches from Around the Globe

Relevant and up-to-date information is a critical aspect for any magazine, including one about spiritual faith. And so, be sure that you and your team members keep up with the latest happenings regarding your religion. However, don’t pay attention to only your local events—do news research about churches, chapels, cathedrals, etc. found worldwide.

2. Include Interviews in Your Church Magazine

One of the main draws of a magazine is its interviews. While talks with influential priests, nuns, and the like are expected, remember to expand beyond and seek out arrangements with other figures that also have major involvement in your faith. And, when quoting someone in your articles, ensure that you copy their words with 100% accuracy.

3. Give Your Church Magazine a Worthy Cover

When it comes to attracting readers, you need appropriate magazine covers for your church publication. Regarding the front cover’s imagery, you need high-resolution shots to accommodate the large print area. For your go-to depictions, use shots containing relevant influencers and topical churches.

For the cover’s writing, add enticing taglines about the magazine’s contents. Consider composing dialogue like “Celebrate This Upcoming Church Anniversary with Us” and “Exclusive Interview with Renowned John Doe.”

4. Use Fitting Visuals for Your Chruch Magazine

Professional illustrations and graphics are a key component of magazines. However, for a publication about churches, it’s crucial that the visual designs are kept tame and professional. Along with that, establish brand recognition by selecting signature colors for marketing use.

And that’s it for our tips! Finally, if you need easily editable resources for your creation process, remember to download our Church Magazine Templates.

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