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How to Make a Patriots' Day Templates in Microsoft Word

A Patriots' Day is an American annual event that commemorates the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the Battle of Menotomy, and the first battles of the American Revolutionary War. Patriots' Day is celebrated in April 1775 during the third Monday of April as a sign of emerging independence of the United States. It is mainly celebrated in Maine and Massachusetts at first but it was declared as a regular holiday for the whole country. Patriots' Day is as special as the Memorial Day. In order to willingly pay the respects and celebrate the dauntless duties of our dear soldiers, they deserved to be honored with a celebration.

Are you planning to make some Patriots' Day promotional items? If so, do not bother spending a lot of investment for a professional graphic designer since you can actually make some promotional items by using Microsoft Word. For you to be guided, here are the following tips on how to make some Patriots' Day promotional items.

1. Conspire with Plans

For the first step, plan out the things that you wanted to craft for the Patriots' Day. Ask yourself with these questions: What items do you need to create? What’s the use of these promotional items? Are you planning to invite people? Are you planning to sell some merchandise? These questions will help you in establishing your plan in an organized manner. You can also start deciding the following items that you are going to promote such as Patriots' Day advertising posters, banners, vouchers, flyers, greeting cards, and more items to mention.

2. Choose the Perfect Template That You Can Find

Making some promotional items takes a lot of time. To save time, you can choose some perfect Patriots’ Day templates in making your items conveniently and seamlessly. You can choose one of the varieties of editable flyer templates, invitation templates, and so much more. Select the one that is suitable for the celebration and use these templates for your items.

3. Modify the Templates for the Patriots' Day

Most of the templates are embedded with attractive design elements already. But if you wish to make some modifications, feel free to change the design elements through Microsoft Word application. You can freely customize the backgrounds, vector illustrations, suggestive contents, or add some patriots’ logo. You can also make use of the templates’ special features like font styles, graphic images, and color schemes. Make sure to stick with the holiday’s theme and your items will be commendable.

4. Finalize Everything

In every task, you will never know what you missed until you finalized everything. Your Patriots’ Day promotional items must be finalized beforehand. Do not advertise them if they are not ready. Make sure that you have provided every detail that you must include for your items, most especially if you are making Patriots’ Day invitations, cards, posters, or flyers. Check if your items’ designs clearly show the atmosphere of the Patriots’ Day. If everything is ready, you can finally advertise them.

5. Advertise Them

If everything is ready for advertising, you can present your promotional items to the public. You can post your promotional items online by making use of social media sites like Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. You can also send some e-mail newsletters by using LinkedIn, Gmail or Yahoo Mail. Be ready to accept some feedback and use them as your basis for your necessary modifications.

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