How to Create a Sponsorship Letter in MS Word?

Events organizing can be less of a hassle with the help of partner organizations. Impressive sponsorship gathers adequate funds for the event and publicizes the company which sponsors the event. The companies that agreed to fund the occasion are under the spotlight; they are seen to be charitable and push for the same causes that are for the people and the community.

1. Scout for Potential Sponsors

To save time and resources, first, create a list of possible sponsors that will back your event and advocacy. You can start by researching local companies and organizations that support the same causes like yours. Also, consider local government units as a potential partner to reach a wider audience. You may also go through their official social media websites to know more about their community projects. You may also gather contact information and email addresses of the people to send the formal letters to.

2. Introduce your Organization

A compelling sponsorship letter starts with a comprehensive but short introduction of your organization. You can begin by mentioning if your company is a non-profit or a for-profit organization. Then, you may say its history: who started it and state the events on how it came to be. You can also describe the advocacy your organization is supporting and why the movement to support it started. It is crucial to introduce your organization to establish credibility. It can also help in building trust for your brand.

3. Describe your Event

After a short description of your organization, you can directly dive into introducing the event that needs the sponsors. A sponsorship letter adapts the professional tone of business letters, so it is vital to be straight to the point. You can introduce the name of the event, the advocacy it is supporting, the benefactors, and the projected number of people that will attend the event. Do not forget to include the necessary details, such as the date, time, and location.

4. Be Clear with your Goals and Needs

You must also be clear in stating your intentions in the letter. You can include the goals of your event and the necessities that you need to achieve these goals. You can present this in a checklist or bullet type format to have a clean and organized rundown of your requests. If you are asking for sponsors in a fundraising event, you may state that you are looking for cash or in-kind donations.

5. Be Clear with your Offer

Sponsorships are built on a give and take relationship. It is on a legal agreement that both parties will gain and give something to each other. Once you have stated your requests, it is also right to present a list of what you can provide for them. May it be publicity, long term partnership, or also sponsoring their possible events in the future. You can then address and present this proposal to their HR department or whoever is in charge of events management.

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