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How To Create A Professional Resume In Microsoft Word?

Applying for a job, regardless of its level or whatever field of expertise it belongs, is certainly not an easy stage in our careers. When you're about to apply for one, there are quite a lot of preparations you need to do. That includes knowing the job interview do's and don'ts, exercising your confidence, reviewing your relevant lessons back in college, and looking for formal attires. However, there's is one preparation that's probably the most significant, and that is creating your professional resume.

Whether you're applying as a physician, computer specialist, chemical engineer, android developer, PHP developer, school teacher, mechanical engineer, civil engineer, executive digital marketing specialist, or engineering fresher, a winning resume is essential. To help you have that kind of a resume, we will teach you how to formulate one.

1. Launch Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the most popular word processor when it comes to creating formal documents, such as the likes of resumes. So why not choose it. Whatever computer system you own, Microsoft Word is likely installed on it already. But the main reason why you should choose Microsoft Word is that it lays out everything for its user to create a resume. Every tool, every feature, and every accessory that you might need to enhance your resume is already provided for your convenience.

2. Select A Template From Us

We want to help you have the perfect resume that improves your chances of landing that job you're applying for. We will do so by offering you to select any of our Professional Resume Templates. Each of these templates has its own unique design layout and flow. You just have to pick one that suits best with the position you're applying for. Open your selected template in Microsoft Word, and you're good to go.

3. Fill In Your Personal Data

As an introduction about yourself, whether you're a starting or an experienced professional, fill in your personal data on your chosen template. That, of course, includes your complete name, home address, contact number, 1x1 or 2x2 photo, and email address. Make sure that your personal data is based on any of your valid ID.

4. Consider It As A Marketing Tool

After filling in your personal data, you must then commence in writing your complete background. That includes your educational background, achievements, relevant skills, past intern or work experience, positive traits, and other winning qualities about yourself. When writing about your background, you must think as if your simple resume is a marketing tool. As a matter of fact, your resume is actually a tool to market yourself among employers.

5. Pair Your Resume With An Application Letter

After completing every element of your professional resume, write an application letter so that it may serve as a cover letter. Consider the fact that some employers require applicants to submit an application letter before they can be scheduled for an interview. So might as well pair it with your resume. Remember to encase both of them inside a presentable envelope before submitting them to an employer.

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