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    How To Make Tags In Microsoft Word?

    A tag is a small label—often made in circular or rectangular dimension—that is attached to a present or pieces of merchandise. There are various tags out there that have different purposes. However, in the retail realm, hangtags are quite popular. This type of tag is a marketing staple that can increase sales if correctly used by the management. If this document is strategically placed with relevant information—the name of the manufacturer or designer, the type of material used, or care instructions—can encourage a shopper to purchase the product. 

    The following are a few guidelines that you can follow in making tags:

    1. Determine The Type Of Occasion And Recipient

    For you to be successful in making tags, you have to have a purpose and a goal. You cannot just start making small simple cards with fancy printings without clear intent because you're just wasting time and money if that is so. Remember, tags have various purposes, depending on their type. If you're going to make gift tags, then you have to determine the preference of the receiver, as well as the occasion.

    2. Figure Out The Tag's Size

    Always take note that the size of the product in part determines the size of a hang tag. Larger products such as clothing should use larger tags, and vice versa. 

    3. Choose A Theme

    The theme of your tag should correlate to the celebrated occasion. Imagine how confused the receiver will be if your Valentine's present has a Christmas gift tag. The advantage of having a theme for your document is that you can focus on an idea to achieve relevance and consistency. You can also utilize colors and relevant graphics to convey a message and set the tone. If you're making hangtags, make sure that the logo of your business is large, since it is a good platform to raise brand awareness. Your goal is to make the tag catchy at first glance, so you can stand out on your products and draw the attention of the customers.

    4. Deal With The Copy

    Gift tags and thank you tags don't have that much copy compared to hangtags. Hangtags are marketing tools; therefore, you have to write a clear, concise, and simple copy. The goal of this type of tag is to command attention, provide consumer information, increase the value of the product, and boosts sales and revenue. Your copy should encourage shoppers who are unsure about a product to make the purchase. 

    5. Print

    Before you decide to print your tags, have some time to proofread everything. It would be shameful to sell or display tags that have glaring mistakes. You can run it through a spelling and grammar checker online; however, if you are using Microsoft Word, you can just activate the spelling and grammar check options. Once you are sure that the document is error-free, you can now start printing. We suggest that you use a matte paper since it has contrasting textures that are more noticeable compared to plain papers.