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    How To Make A Discount Voucher In Microsoft Word?

    Discounts are viewed as an advantage for customers, but rather it is the other way around. Discount vouchers are a wise marketing plan for businesses to gain more patrons to avail of their products. Customers are enticed to spend more as they have discount vouchers. The more they spend, the more profit the business owners gain. To sufficiently provide your customers with discount vouchers for anything, here are tips you need to make a discount voucher to keep your business on track.

    1. Insert Appealing Discount Offer

    To achieve this tip, you need to conduct extensive research and navigation. How will you compel your customers to avail of your product? What do they want for discount vouchers? Is it a 20% discount? Or they want a cash voucher with money equivalence? Seek for these answers and contemplate. Then, out of this, make a scrumptious and tempting offer that your customer will hesitate to decline. Afterward, you need to calculate the profit margin that you can gain. Of course, let us face the fact that you are investing money for your discount vouchers so if you gain something, you can lose also. Either way, it is still a great advantage for you as the business owner. 

    2. Make Your Discount Voucher Unique

    According to research, 77% of shoppers said that they are greatly influenced as to where they will shop by the discounts offered. So to get that population, you need to custom your printable voucher. Give your customers a sense of exclusivity as they will feel good about it. For instance, make a discount voucher that your loyal patrons with loyalty card can only avail, so customers who will like to avail must first sign up for the loyalty card. Wise marketing strategy!

    3. Give Your Vouchers An Expiration Date

    Unlike a coupon, a voucher has a life span of a one-time usage. From the customer's perspective, they will likely avail your product immediately if you include an urgency statement. Indicate an expiration date for your discount vouchers. For example, if you are running a cafe, if you will indicate in your voucher that the discounts for your coffee or meal are exclusive for lunch, then your customers will likely respond impulsively and immediately travel to your shop to buy your product. 

    4. Indicate Call To Action

    To cater to your customers personally, you can include a call-to-action if they want further clarification about your discount voucher. Make it visible enough for your customers to notice it. Also, you can be creative with your call-to-action statement. Do not just settle for the same old statement that your customers can read everywhere. As an illustration, if you are making a photography discount vouchers, you can indicate creative CTA like ''Capture memories now!'' or ''See what we prepared especially for you!''