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4+ Average Baby Weight Charts

To observe if your baby is growing like the rest of the babies, average baby weight chart is made to compare your baby’s weight to the usual weight of the masses as based on their age and gender. Pediatrician sometimes use this to their patients as each country and race has their own average weight chart as they have different rates of growth and genetic makeup so the parents can have the basis for their baby if its losing or gaining weight. You can also see Baby Weight Gain Charts.

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Average Baby Weight Chart

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It is standard in all health care institution all over the world to maintain and check the newborns weight until they grow up. It is an indicator of how is the economic and health status of a country that’s why it is needed in all lying in clinics and hospitals; it is a record that purely for babies evaluation for their ability to thrive and grow normally. You can also see Charts Templates.

Average Baby Weight Gain Chart

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Each time you will maintain your babies’ weight, you can try to have a baby weight gain chart where you can tackle each pounds or kilos your baby had for the past weeks or months. The chart will help you recognize which times your baby had gain a lot of weight compared to others and easily come up with an average weight for your baby. You can also see Baby Weight Charts.

Average Baby Weight Chart During Pregnancy

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Pregnant mothers should be also aware of the health of their little angels inside their womb as this is the period where most of the fetus internal organs begin to develop. Noting the mother’s weight and staging the fetus growth using their weight is one essential part of checking their maternal health as well as for the fetus. The average weight for a baby even still in their mother’s tummy can actually spot through ultrasound examination conducted by their doctors. You can also see Baby Height Weight Charts.

Average Baby Height Weight Chart

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To complete the physical examination and documentation for baby’s growth spurts, have this average baby weight chart where both parameters are always recorded whenever a baby will have their physical assessment. As parents you want your baby to achieve average weight as his or her age changes, and then try to look at the recommended height and weight for babies and see if it is parallel with your measurements. You can also see Baby Weight Percentile Charts.

Average Breast Fed Baby Weight Chart

Not all babies are fed with formula milk, as studies shown there are still babies being breastfed is the natural and most effective milk compared to the formula ones. Babies lactated with breast milk tend to have a balanced weight and have more immunity to fight infections which can be practical and beneficial at the same time.

> Benefits and Advantages of average baby weight chart

It will suffice to have a babies weight be match up against the trend in the general public of babies weight. The chart can identify if the babies weight which is comparable to that of the healthy babies of the same age. You can also see Baby Weight Chart by Month.

Features of Average Baby Weight Chart Template

It will help every parent and pediatrician if the baby is growing normally or just failing to thrive in their appropriate age. It will show you if you needed more care and more medical attention to be given to your baby as a parent if they won’t meet what is indicated weight for their age. You can also see Baby Feeding Chart by Weight.

Steps in Constructing an Average Baby Weight Chart

You can create one of this using a word program that can create graphs and tables; better use a reference that is widely used in your area as this is the most suitable type for your baby. You can modify it per liking that can assist you in recording your babies’ weight. You can also see Newborn Baby Weight Charts..


Have a suggestion from your trusted pediatrician when you will use an average baby weight chart or uses the chart prescribes by World Health Organization. You can also see Breastfed Baby Weight Charts.

In Microsoft word, excel and pdf file, you can take the needed format of the document and have it downloaded. If you want to take the document to a more personalize type, send your instructions to us so we can create it for your personal use.

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