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Weddings symbolize the end and the beginning of a new chapter for couples. They symbolize the end of their lives as mere individuals in a relationship and the beginning of their lives as husband and wife. Weddings mean a lot to the couple, the bride most especially, as it is the one day they get to live the reality of their fairytales. From dreamy ball gowns to beautiful variations of flower petals covering the floor; chandeliers lighting up the ceilings to wedding songs echoing through the halls.

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Weddings entail a lot of details that make the whole event beautiful and truly memorable— invitation cards to menu cards, place cards even to seating charts. Most of these design elements add to the visual flair of the wedding, which makes the whole event even more visually appealing. Some other designs are not only meant as designs but also have the capacity to inform guests about certain designations in the event and one of which is the seating chart (which help to inform guests about where their assigned seats are).

Most seating charts come in a poster, either hung on the wall or put on an easel, but there are also some that come as a banner which is a deviation from the usual seating charts opted. With that said, here is a list of banner seating charts one can use on their wedding day.

Chalkboard Banner Seating Chart

chalkboard banner seating chart

What sets the banner seating chart apart?

The most common seating charts that most are accustomed to are the ones that come as a poster, which makes banner seating charts a deviation from what people mostly know. It is truly a different take from what is easily a go-to option, as often times, banner seating charts are printed on a fabric and can be hung on the wall. It is a breath of fresh air from the constant posters that couples opt to use to aid their struggle to maintain the organization of their event. Ultimately, it is simply the non-traditional material that sets this certain seating chart apart from the others most use in their sample wedding.

Why is it important to use a seating chart for your wedding reception?

There is the notion that the more extravagant the wedding is, the more likely it will be a success. Most people fail to realize that it is not with how grand the set up is nor how expensive the materials used are for the design, but it is with organized the entirety of the event is. The organization simply decides whether or not your wedding is a hit or a miss and inevitably a success or not. There are different aspects of the wedding, the organization is greatly considered and one of which is with the seating arrangement of the guests at your wedding reception. You may also see table seating chart templates.

Seating charts are a medium used to assign guests of their seat— where they will be seated and with whom they will be sharing the table with. Although there is an indefinite way for an individual to maintain the orderliness of their wedding’s reception, seating charts are mostly seen as helpful in such situation.

Seating charts can actually be in the guise of a design element or feature that most definitely helps add to the visual flair of your wedding and they are able to cohere to any theme that fits whatever you plan for your wedding. But aside from that, seating charts come most beneficial in circumstances that have the need to avoid disruption and stress on the day, which is most prevalent during any wedding reception. Considering that it takes conscious efforts and thorough planning to finalize the seating arrangement of your guests, it not only does not assure them that disorganization is going to be at a minimal but also that each guest is allotted their very own seat at your wedding. You may also see wedding seating chart samples.

1. Seating charts can work as a design elements

Considering that seating charts come in various forms— poster, banner, placard — it can inevitably work as a design element because of its artistic nature. Also, given that seating charts are generally an informative medium that is placed on either paper or fabric, it is sometimes designed in a way that coheres to the theme of the wedding. There are also various ways with how one can present their seating chart, either hang it on the wall or placed on an easel. You may also see free wedding seating chart templates.

Seating charts can also be added to the plethora of design elements in a wedding like the table numbers, place cards, menu cards, and even invitation cards. All these work together coherently to make up the beautiful picture of your wedding event.

2. Seating charts can inform the guests where their seats are

Aside from being a design feature, seating charts equally work as an informative medium for your wedding reception. It simply informs guests where their seats are— what table and with whom they are sharing it with. As it is the very intent and purpose why one opts to have the medium at the event, to assign each guest a seat and inform them in a more streamlined manner. You may also see classroom seating chart templates.

3. Seating charts can make the guests feel at ease and comfortable

With a seating chart, you are able to carefully plan where each guest will be seated, you will also be able to take into account which guests will be at the same table. With this in mind, some guests will inevitably feel at ease and comfortable especially for those who come unfamiliar with most of the other guests invited. You may also see how to create a seating plan.

A seating chart simply allows you to segment guests properly with one another: family members with family members, friends with friends, colleagues with colleagues, even people with the same interests in the same table. Ultimately, this method allows every guest to be comfortable during the entirety of your event, as they are in a table with people they know or they share common interests with. You may also see printable chart templates.

Chalkboard Style Seating Chart Banner

chalkboard style seating chart banner

Seating Chart Banner Design

seating chart banner design

Wedding Seating Chart Banner

wedding seating chart banner1

4. Seating charts can provide every guest a seat at your wedding

Considering that you get to carefully plan the seating arrangement for your wedding reception with a seating chart, it only means that each guest invited is being taken into account. It is most helpful in a wedding most especially, as there are numbers of guests expected to come and the unavoidable feeling of worry whether they will be able to sit down is there. However, when there is a seating chart at the ready, every guest is assured of a seat as they are assigned one that is allotted especially for them. You may also see chart templates in PDF.

Seating charts also allow an individual who plans to use the medium, to equally disseminate the guests in every table. Which leads to a well-balanced number of persons per table.

5. Seating charts can give your guests a sense of security

Wedding guests are mostly composed of family, relatives, friends (old and new), and colleagues. That is why, it is inevitable for other guests do not know each and everyone invited, which can lead to the feeling of unfamiliarity or worst being left out. With these feelings present in some guests, it will hinder them from being able to truly enjoy the event in its entirety. But, with a seating chart at the ready, it will be able to give them a sense of security for the event.

Seating charts are also most helpful for guests who are too shy to look around for seats to occupy. It will simply aid the struggle as each guest is being assigned a seat with a seating chart, which will ultimately allow them to enjoy the event in its entirety. You may also see table seating chart templates.

6. Seating charts can keep the formality of the event intact

Disorganization begins when guests start to roam around the venue of the event to look around for seats to occupy. It simply disrupts the flow of the program and ultimately the formality of the event. However, with a seating and with every guest already provided a seat at your wedding, you are avoiding disorganization to happen at your event. To simply put it, seating charts usher every guest to their seats in a more streamlined and organize manner. You may also see modern seating charts.

7. Seating charts can keep possible altercations from happening

Disagreements are normal between family members and friends. And, there is also the high probability for those in conflict with each other to be in either a physical or verbal altercation when in the presence of the other. But, things like this can be prevented with a seating chart, for you get to carefully plan and arrange every guest. With this method, you will also be able to keep the formality of the event and avoid the flow of the event to be disrupted. You may also see floral seating chart templates.

By also simply having a seating chart at your wedding reception, you will be able to keep those in conflict with one another away from each other. By simply doing so, helps prevent any altercation from happening or from even erupting. Also, it will ultimately allow them to enjoy the event without having to worry about anything or anyone for that matter. You may also see chart templates in a word.

Alphabetical Seating Chart Banner

alphabetical seating chart banner1

Personalized Seating Plan Wedding Banner

personalized seating plan wedding banner

If you find this article helpful in any way, do not forget to bookmark this page for future references. And, kindly share this with other couples seeking for banner seating charts to use on their wedding day for a unique seating chart medium. You may also see photo seating charts designs.

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