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3+ Baby Weight Gain Charts

All newborns and infants are always in the fast pace of growing up and development, so it is important for the Pediatric doctors and parents to record the changes per babies weight to monitor if there are abnormal changes happening in the baby’s body. Baby weight gain chart is created to have a clear record of the baby’s weight gain and loss throughout the week, month and annual period that will help the specialist to have an easy track of the babies’ growth. You can also see Baby Weight Charts.

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Newborn Baby Weight Chart

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Newborn stage is the period for baby’s development. As days passed by, babies are adapting to the change in environment and as baby grows, it easily shows changes and disturbing signs of health problems when left unattended becomes a burden for babies and parents as well. If you measure the head circumference, length and weight of the newborn, the Chart Templates can determine how much weight does the newborn has whether gain or not from the initial measurement made.

Pregnancy Weight Gain Chart

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Prenatal Baby Weight Gain Chart

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Breast Fed Baby Weight Chart

Breastfed babies have the tendency to gain weight twice the size of the original weight and it is foreseeable in the first three months of growth. With the use of breastfed baby weight chart, parents can tell easily if the baby is receiving sufficient nutrients from mother’s breast milk. Lists of possible weights to have for baby are provided and up to date in the breastfed baby weight Chart. You can also see Baby Height Weight Charts.

Premature Baby Weight Gain Chart

Premature babies are the most sensitive babies as they are born without completely developing organs and poor immune system in the mother’s womb to conception; therefore they are more susceptible to infection and fail to thrive. This chart will assist any parent to carefully watch out for any significant changes in the baby’s weight and growth. As premature babies increase their weight, the more the chance of survival and normal growth for them attain.

Baby Weight Chart by Month

To monitor the weight of each infant, you can have the baby weight chart by month where you can take the weights inclination for the whole year. Here you can clearly see if there are significant changes in the weight of the baby in a month and to have the necessary interventions when needed. Weight chart by month can actually help you to notice weight gain made from an infant. You can also see Average Baby Weight Charts.

Baby Weight Chart by Week

To closely observe the weight of the baby in a weekly basis then a baby weight chart by week can help you doing this task. The weeks that are passing by will show changes such as heaviness of a baby to acquire either one of the common outcomes: the slightest gain, maintain or loss of weight.

> Benefits and Advantages of Baby Weight Gain Chart

If a baby has a medical condition, it is important that you know the weight of your baby. The weight will determine the medical regimen that will be given later on; therefore a baby weight gain chart is a useful and recommended tool. Every weight per week will be listed down and you can plot the graph out of it to illustrate the trend of the weight. No need to spend time and effort creating a chart for there are means available through template website. You can also see Baby Weight Percentile Charts.

Features of Baby Weight Gain Chart Template

As a parent and a health provider to children, this chart will clarify any health problems and nutritional intake that a baby needs in their development days. As a newborn and infant, these are the periods that there must be a careful monitoring especially their weight to support proper nutrition and medical attention they needed for normal growth. Parents and health care providers are the ones who need this kind of chart to continuously monitor the development of a baby. You can also see Baby Weight Chart by Month.

Steps in Constructing a Baby Weight Gain Chart

Through online, users can rely on health organizations that prescribed baby weight monitoring sheet to help them understand about baby’s growth and evaluate each of the baby’s weight based on their age and gender. But it does not have to be complicated when you choose to use baby gain chart template. Lists of professional samples and examples for baby chart are free. You can also see Body Fat Percentage Charts.


You can make some customization in the chart when needed to suit the needs of monitoring the baby’s weight and should be in accordance to the guidelines presented by World Health Organization. You can also see Ideal Body Fat Charts.

Thru Microsoft word, excel and pdf file, you can have the full use of this document. You can take on its dependability as it is based on the most current and used chart in medical field. It is compatible with other word document programs; if you still recommend some changes in the document then you are allowed to do so. Try pintable baby charts for your needs as parents and guardians and this is also needed by your baby too.

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