Behavior Chart Template – 11+ Free Word, Excel, PDF Format Download!

A behavior chart is deemed by psychologists as an effective means to imbibe behavioral standards in children from an early age. The chart comes with a clear list of Do’s and Don’ts for the kid in everyday life which in turn helps to develop a concrete sense of right and wrong. Behavior charts are widely used by teachers for kids in schools. You may also like T Chart Templates

Teachers Behaviour Chart Free PDF Download | The teacher’s behaviour chart helps the teachers to understand their performance. Noting down behaviour of every teacher every day helps to work properly. The sample checks whether the class work and test was completed on time.

Class Room Behaviour Chart Free PDF Template | The class room behaviour chart is recommended for kids where they grade themselves for their behaviour in classroom. It helps the kids to understand the difference between good behaviour and bad behaviour.

School Bus Behaviour Chart PDF Free Template | This chart indicates the behaviour of students in school bus. The school bus behaviour chart explains the parents how their kids behave, so that they can explain their kids what the kids are doing wrong.

Traffic Light Behaviour Template

This traffic light behavior chart will help you to analyze your response to traffic lights from Monday to Friday, over 4 weeks. The chart is meant to be distributed among school to raise their awareness regarding traffic lights.

Frequency Behavior Chart Free Excel Download | The frequency behaviour chart indicates the frequency of different type of behaviour of kids. This helps to understand the reason of such behaviour so that the parents can manage it.

Weekly Behavior Chart Free Word Downlaod | The weekly behaviour chart will help a student to keep tab on his study and other activities throughout the week. The chart will allow you to track your performance regarding the activities from Monday to Friday.

Free ABC Behaviour Chart in MS Word Downlaod

This ABC Behavior Chart will enable you to gather a full documentation of challenging behavior of an individual. There are 3 separate columns to note down the Antecedent, Behavior & Consequence pointers & one column for initials.

Childrens Behaviour Chart Free PDF Template | The children behaviour chart is used to teach kids about good behaviour. For good behaviour, they get points and for bad behaviour, points are deducted. If the kid has been good, he/she is rewarded at the end of week.

Funny Behavior Chart for Kids Free PDF Downlaod

Good Behaviour Chart Free PDF Template

Pre School Behaviour Free PDF Download

If you don’t know how to make a behavioral chart, a behavior chart template Excel would be really handy for you. There have been different controversies on the efficacy of these Chart Templates but as per the psychologists these charts do work.

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