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9+ Blood Pressure Chart Templates – Free Sample, Example, Format Download!

Blood Pressure is a medical term used to measure the pressure exerted on the walls of arteries and veins during bloods movement through the body, it is measured in 2 parts systolic (pressure during the heartbeat) and diastolic (pressure between heartbeats). Blood pressure of a healthy person should be 140/90 i.e. 140 systolic (high) against 90 diastolic (low). You may like Medication Chart Templates Imbalance in blood pressure leads to serious health problems like stroke, heart attack, congestive heart failure etc. Current medical studies reveal that High Blood Pressure problems are on a major rise amongst young adults. Hence maintaining a balanced blood pressure is a must and this can be achieved by keeping a check on the Blood pressure with the help of blood pressure chart and templates available here for free download. You may also like Chart Templates

Sample of Vector EPS Blood Pressure Chart Template

The vector EPS blood pressure chart is a visually attractive chart that provides an accurate reading of the blood pressure of the person using it. A minimalistic design yet it has the power to attract people.

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High Blood Pressure Sample Chart Download

This chart provides insight information about normal blood pressure, pre-hypertension, hypertension and post hypertension symptoms; it also provides an overview about the blood – glucose in the body and its effects and a plan of action to be adhered to control the blood pressure problem.

Vector EPS Format Blood Pressure Chart Template

The vector EPS format blood pressure chart is another visually attractive blood pressure that looks like a sphygmomanometer. It has the power to attract people in using this blood pressure chart template.

Patient Blood Pressure Chart Sample Template | This template is very useful if the patient is kept under observation and requires blood pressure rating to be taken at regular intervals. The chart provides space to mention basic information about the patient like Name, Date of Birth, Contact & Address details and it provides a table to record blood pressure 4 times in a day, twice in the morning and twice in the evening.  

Blood Pressure Chart for Adults PDF Format | This is a self-explanatory chart that provides information about blood pressure range in a graphical manner. The chart has X axis to indicate systolic pressure & Y axis to indicate diastolic pressure and intersection of X and Y range to indicate low blood pressure, ideal blood pressure, pre- high pressure and high blood pressure  

Blood Pressure & Heart Rate Chart Sample PDF Template

Blood Pressure Record Chart PDF Format Download | This chart helps to maintain data in a sequential manner of all the times the pressure is checked. It contains a table to capture the date and time of pressure checked, systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and comments. Maintaining record in this blood pressure chart helps in getting an overview and pattern of the pressure movement over a period of time. The blood pressure record chart is a simple chart that keeps a chronological record of all the time the pressure was measured. It contains date and time column, systolic and diastolic pressure column and comments column.

Female Blood Pressure Chart Example Free Download

Sample Blood Pressure Limits Chart Template

Example LifeSource Blood Pressure Chart PDF Download

Purpose of Blood Pressure Record Chart Template

High or Low blood pressure has consequential effect hence regularly monitoring blood pressure is an important aspect for a healthy living. If fluctuation in blood pressure is captured at an early stage; action can be taken and serious problems arising due to high blood pressure or low blood pressure can be avoided.

How to Monitor Blood Pressure Accurately

Many digital/manual blood pressure testing device are available in the market today which are simple to use at home. Mentioned below are a few tips to follow to get accurate results:

  • Clear your bladder before doing the test
  • Maintain a gap of atleast half an hour if you have consume any time of medicine, alcohol or any other caffeine induced drink.
  • Clam your body of atleast 4 minutes before monitoring the pressure
  • Clearly follow the instructions mentioned on the device manual to avoid confusion and inaccurate results.


Blood pressure is termed as a silent killer; as many a time it shows no symptoms on the person suffering from this problem. However in the long run if the blood pressure problem isn’t treated it may result into organ failure and heart diseases. Hence regular monitoring of blood pressure is very important. Download our free blood pressure chart and template and enjoy a pressure free life.

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